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Dun, From Cairo to Siwa - Across the Libyan Desert with Amoured Cars.

Dun, Major T. I. / Saad, Nahmia (School of Fine Art, Cairo).

From Cairo to Siwa – Across the Libyan Desert with Amoured Cars [mainly with woodcuts by Nahmia Saad]. A Narrative Followed by Illuminated pages of the History and Customs of the Inhabitants of that Country, A Photographic Brochure, A Map. Foreword by Field Marshall W. R. Birdwood of the XIIth Royal Lancers.

One of 750 copies of a limited edition (overall 1,000 volumes printed). Cairo, Messrs E. & R. Schindler, 1933. 26 cm x 34 cm. Frontispiece, IV, 110 pages. Black and white photographs at rear. Fold-map of the route described in book at rear. Map of Cairo at rear also. Text in black and red. Hardcover [publisher’s original brown cloth]. Label on spine. Elaborately illustrated boards. Bookplate on front pastedown with inscription reading “The Old order changeth, yielding place to New.” Beautifully illustrated pastedowns and endpapers. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Spine with stronger abrasion but the binding overall firm and strong. Interior is bright and clean. Two images with issues: Ugly residue of paper of the preceding page on the tipped-in colour-plate depicting Queen Nefertari and the photograph of the Dunes of Cairo !

An account of the reconnaissance expedition carried out by a squadron of the XIIth Royal Lancers in Rolls-Royce armoured cars from Cairo through the desert to Siwa in 1932.
Includes, for example, the following: Introductory Pages – This Land of the Nile / Narrative – Cairo to Burg el Arab through the Wadi Natrun Desert / Burg el Arab to Sollum, via Mersa Matruh / Sollum to Siwa, across the “Sea of Stones Desert” / Return from Siwa to Cairo, via Mersa Matruh, Burg el Arab and Wadi Natrun Desert / Envoy / Histor, Customs, Superstitutions touching the Libyan Oasis of iwa and the Libyan Desert – The Adoration of the God Ammon by Queen Nefertari, Spouse of Rameses II / Intriguing – Mr. George Bernard Shaw’s dictum on civilised and uncivilised peoples – Introduction and Acknowledgment – Pages on the History, Manners, Customs and Superstitions, each adorned with designs and wood engravings / A Photographic Brochure of Sixteen Pages by Artists of the Camera, showing Cairo, Mersa Matruh, Siwa, and the Libyan Desert etc

This elaborately produced standard edition is one of only one thousand volumes – comprising of 750 Standard copies, 175 De Luxe Vellum bound volumes and 75 De Luxe Morocco bounde volumes.
Numerous fine woodcuts and wood engravings by N. Strelalowsky and the students of the School of Applied Art in Cairo throughout the work. Artists who contributed include M. Fisher, H. Bindhart, E. Kassessinoff, Bernard Rice, Elsa Masters, P.S. Searight, M. Rice and J.H. Rowntree.

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We ship per DHL Express

Dun, From Cairo to Siwa – Across the Libyan Desert with Amoured Cars.