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Albert, Traktat über kritische Vernunft.

Albert, Hans.

Traktat über kritische Vernunft. [Widmungsexemplar].

3., erweiterte Auflage. Tübingen, J.C.B.Mohr, 1975. 8°. XVI, 219 Seiten. Softcover. Originale Broschur. Sehr guter Zustand. Mit der gedruckten Widmung an Karl Popper. Mit handschriftlicher Widmung und Signatur von Hans Albert an Oswald Schwemmer. / Inscribed by the german philosopher Hans Albert to fellow philosopher Oswald Schwemmer in 1975. Inscribed books by Albert are very uncommon.

Hans Albert (born February 8, 1921) is a German philosopher. Born in Cologne, he lives in Heidelberg.
His fields of research are Social Sciences and General Studies of Methods. He is a critical rationalist, giving special attention to rational heuristics. He is a strong critic of the continental hermeneutic tradition coming from Heidegger and Gadamer.

Albert held the chair of ‘Social Sciences and General Studies of Methods’ at the University of Mannheim. He is also a much-cited philosopher. Most importantly, he gave Popper’s critical rationalism a concise, broad-ranging formulation, even as a way of life.

Albert’s plea is for critical rationalism. He avoids solemn preaching in favor of serious, serene discussion with people of different faith and thinking. While Popper always warned not to follow one’s opponent into the mire, Albert follows them into their favored field of thinking on their own terms. So he criticized Heidegger’s “being in the abyss” (″Sein im Ab-Grund”), Gadamer’s “horizons melting together”, Habermas’s “consensual theoretical truth in the ideal discourse”, Karl-Otto Apel’s transcendental arguments, the theologian Hans Küng’s “absolute-relative, this-life-and-hereafter, transcendental-immanent, allconcerning-allcontrolling most real reality in the very heart of things”.

Since 1958 he has been participating the Alpbacher Hochschulwochen (a famous summer conference in the beautiful Austrian alpine village of Alpbach). It was there he made the acquaintance of Karl Popper after having studied Popper’s philosophy and having mostly accepted it long ago. After 1955 he had exciting discussions with Paul Feyerabend, who in those times was a critical rationalist and an admirer of Karl Popper. Their letters later were published. (Wikipedia)

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Albert – Traktat über kritische Vernunft.