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Ledwich, Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter: "On the Romantic History of I

Ledwich, Edward.

Antiquities of Ireland – [With Chapters “On the Romantic History of Ireland” and “On the Political Constitution and Laws of the Ancient Irish” (Brehon Law)]. The Second Edition, with Additions and Corrections to which is added, “A Collection of Miscellaneous Antiquities”. By Edward Ledwich – Member of many Learned Societies.

Dublin, Printed by John Jones, 1803. Quarto (22 cm x 26.5 cm). Frontispiece, [16], 526, [14] pages with 40 [forty] fantastic plates (of which one is the large fold-out-plate “Taking of the Earl of Ormonde”). Hardcover / Decorative, mid-19th century half-leather with gilt lettering and ornament to spine. Bookplate of the “Oxtead Lending Library” to the pastedown. Some browning and spotting to the text as often the case with this publication. Last layer of pages slightly detached. The large fold-out-plate “Taking of the Earl of Ormonde”, with tearing. Plates on better paper and in generally very good condition (see images and please see descriptions of faults for each plate in description below).

Includes an extensive list of Subscribers (Daniel O’Connel among them). Includes chapters on “Observations on the Harp and Ancient Irish Music / On the Ancient Irish Dress / On the Political Constitution and Laws of the Ancient Irish / Alphabetic Elements of the Ancient Irish / A Review of the Irish Literature in the Middle Ages / Giraldus Cambrensis Illustrated / History and Antiquities of Irishtown and Kilkenny [Measures and Weights – Cranocus or Cronnog etc.] / Anecdotes of Early Christianity in Ireland etc.

Includes the following illustrations (full-page-copper-engravings):

Plate 1: New Grange [Newgrange]
Plate 2: Section of the Gallery at New Grange [Newgrange]
Plate 3: Skirk (tear to outer margins only)
Plate 4: Cross at Kilcullen
Plate 5: Stone Cross at Clonmacnois
Plate 6: Temple McDermot at Clonmacnois
Plate 7: Islands at Monaincha
Plate 8: Choir Arch at Monaincha
(showing the Site of the ancient woods (now a Bog)
and also Remains of Trees in the Abbot’s Orchard on Monaincha)
Plate 9: Western Portal at Monaincha
Plate 10: A Plan of the Island at Loch Derg and a View of St.Patrick’s Purgatory
Plate 11: Dun Aengus (Top of outer margins around the image gone, the image itself complete and excellent)
Plate 12: Old Church of Killaloe and St. Doulagh’s Church
Plate 13: A South East View of the Rock of Cashel
Plate 14: Section of Cormac’s Chapel
Plate 15: Six Examples of Round Towers in Old Ireland
(Round Tower at Killossy / Door of Kildare / St.Keven’s Kitchen at Glendaloch /
Ivy Church at Glendaloch / Door to Round Tower at Timahoe)
Plate 16: Door of the Round Tower at Brechin and West Front of Brechin Chapel (part of outer margin missing, image perfect.
Plate 17: Glandeloch [Glendaloch / Glendalough] from the North
Plate 18: Antiquities at Glendaloch / Glandeloch / Glendalough – With East Window of the Cathedral
Plate 19: Glandaloch / Glandeloch / Glendalough from the West (minor foxing to the plate only)
Plate 20: Arches from a Syriac Manuscript of the Gospels at Florence
Plate 21: Capitals in the French Church at Canterbury
Plate 22: Ancient Sculptures of Glandeloch [Glendaloch / Glendalough]
Plate 23: Ancient Irish Coins
Plate 24: Irish Musical Instruments (tiny lesion in the plate)
The plate shows fantastic instruments: [Boiromh’s Harp with 28 Strings / Old Teutonic Harp with 18 Strings /
Irish Modern Harp with 33 Strings / Chrotals / Chrotalin / Cuislean, the modern Bagpipe / Bagpipes / Feadan /
Feadán or Cornette / Piob Mhala, or Piob Mhor – Ancient Bagpipe]
Plate 25: Taking of the Earl of Ormonde (large fold-out-plate – torn but complete)
Plate 26: View and Plan/Map of the Mote of Monacoghlan
Plate 27: Celts, Spear-Heads &c.
Plate 28: Castle of Dunamase in the Queen’s County
Plate 29: Ground-Plan of Dunamase
Plate 30: Brehon’s Chair
Plate 31: Alphabets and Ogums [Comparative Rune-Alphabets, juxtaposed to each other:
Ogum Croabh / O’Sullivan’s Ogum / British Ogum / Bobeloth / Bethluisnion / Marcomannic Runes and the Callen Inscription]
Plate 32: Abbey and Church of Aghaboe
Plate 33: Map by John Jones on the Parish of Aghaboe in the Queens County, Barony of Upper Ossory from
the Actual Survey of Sir W.Petty in 1655
Plate 34: A North West View of the Abbey of Athassel
Plate 35: Isle and Anney of Devenish [with Roundtower]
Plate 36: Chapel at Holycross
Plate 37: Fresco Paintings in the Abbey of Knockmoy, County Galway, on the Monument of O’Connor, the Founder
Plate 38: Further Fresco Paintings in the Abbey of Knockmoy
Plate 39: Old Leighlin
Plate 40: Miscellaneous Antiquities

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Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter:
Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter:
Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter:
Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter:
Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter:
Edward Ledwich - Antiquities of Ireland - [With a Chapter: