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Draper, History of the Intellectual Development of Europe.

Draper, John William.

History of the Intellectual Development of Europe.

Two Volumes (complete set). London, George Bell, 1909. 20 cm. Vol. I: XII, 438 pages / Vol. II: IX, 435 pages. Original hardcover with gilt lettering on spine. Very good condition with only very minor signs of external wear. From the reference library of Hans Christian Andersen – Translator Erik Haugaard. With his Exlibris to the pastedown. [Also on pastedown a tiny bookshop exlibris of Hugh Kees from Regent Street, London].

Includes for example the following chapters: ‘Of Europe: Its Topography and Ethnology’, ‘Greek Age of Antiquity’ etc. / ‘The Age of Faith in the West’, ‘Approach of the age of Reason in Europe’ / On the Government of Nature by Law / Individual Man is an Emblem of Communities, Nations and Universal Humanity / The Intellectual History of Greece / Grandeur of the Doctrine that the World is governed by Law / Comparative Theology of Greece / The Stage of Sorcery / Digression of Hindu Theology and Egyptian Civilization / Buddhism – the contemplation of Force / Vedaism – the contemplation of Matter / Comparative Theologyof India / Egypt, a mysterious country to the old Europeans / Comparative Theology of Egypt / Animal Worship / Star Worship / Impersonation of Divine Attributes / Pantheism / The Trinities of Egypt / Ionian Philosophy commencing from Egyptian Ideas / Italian Philosophy depends on Numbers and Harmonies / Eleatic Philosophy / Commencement of the Athenian higher Analysis / Political Danger of the Higher Analysis / The Greek Age of Faith / Socrates rejects Physical and Mathematical Speculations and asserts the Importance of Virtue and Morality, therefore inaugurating an age of faith / Rise of the Sceptics / The Greek Age of Reason / Aristotle founds the Inductive Philosophy / Foundation of the Museum of Alexandria / Neo – Platonism / The European Age of Faith etc. etc.

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Draper, History of the Intellectual Development of Europe.