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Agate, Noblesse Oblige: Another Letter to Another Son.

Agate, James.

Noblesse Oblige: Another Letter to Another Son.

London, Home & Van Thal Ltd., 1944. 12.5 x 19cm. 32 pages. Original hardcover with gilt lettering. Some signs of external wear, slightly foxed but otherwise in very good condition.

James Agate was a British diarist and critic. In the period between the wars, he was one of Britain’s most influential theatre critics. He was a journalist on the staff of The Manchester Guardian (1907–14) and was drama critic for The Saturday Review (1921–23), and The Sunday Times (1923–47). Agate’s diaries and letters, published in a series of nine volumes under the title of Ego, are a record of the British theatre of his era and also of his non-theatrical interests, including sports, social gossip and his private preoccupations with his health and precarious finances. In addition to drama criticism he wrote about the cinema and English literature for London newspapers, and published three novels, translated a play and had it staged in London, albeit briefly, and regularly brought out collections of his theatre essays and reviews. ‘Noblesse Oblige’ was written as a reply to Osbert Sitwell’s A Letter to my Son, about advice to a son in time of war. [wikipedia]

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Agate, Noblesse Oblige: Another Letter to Another Son.