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We ship per DHL Express

Juliet – Professional Collector’s Software

Juliet is the perfect software solution for Book Lovers, Collectors of Maps, Art, Postcards, and Ephemera. It allows you to catalogue, organise, and archive your collection.

Juliet used to exclusively operate on the German market for the past 30 years. Together with our German software partner HESCOM-Software, we can now offer you this professional collector’s software in English. The software is continually evolving and has a stunning range of easy-to-use features. Even without computer skills !

Our collector’s software Juliet is the right solution if you want to…

  • keep the overview about your rarities – no matter if you archive an exquisite special collection or an extensive library you bought, built, or inherited
  • categorise your books, maps, artworks, ephemera, etchings, engravings, drawings, etc. with your own meaningful keywords/collection groups
  • record the history of an item (e.g., where you bought it, how much you paid, etc.) in designated spaces
  • create lists, catalogues, and bibliographies
  • assign multiple images to your catalogued items
  • invaluable: import bibliographic descriptions from major international libraries such as the Library of Congress, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the British Library, etc. with just a few mouse clicks
  • archive prices of single items or your whole collection for yourself versus the international antiquarian book market/auctions
  • print index cards and inventory lists for insurance reasons, for specifying your will, for exhibitions, for simple inventory checks, etc.
  • avoid buying duplicates
  • benefit from a software that has been trialed and tested by antiquarian bookdealers for many years and that comes with excellent personal service
  • benefit from quick reactions to your personal needs as a collector with upgrades and tailor-made solutions
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Library building and bibliographic data import

We are happy to help you building your own collection or library, including complete professional bibliographic descriptions within Juliet. For books bought at Inanna Rare Books, we can provide you comprehensive descriptions to import them into your software. If you happen to have any existing data (e.g., in Excel or other software solutions), we can also convert such data to Juliet’s data format. Please contact us for more information.

System requirements

Any commercially available PC with Windows 10 or 8 is suitable for running Juliet. Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit architectures are supported. The software can also be used on apple computers with Intel processor if a Windows environment (e.g., Parallels Desktop for Mac) is used.

Juliet for Bookdealers

To date, Juliet addresses the particular requirements of private collectors. Together with our partner HESCOM-Software, we consider developing a professional solution for bookdealers based on a software that has been used in the German-speaking market for many years. Please leave your contact details if you are interested. We are happy to keep you updated about this project.