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English Literature of the 17th century (6 items)

[John Morrison], Poems on Several Occasions by the late Matthew Prior.

4. [Morrison, John / Midleton / Castlemartyr] / [Prior, Matthew].

Poems on Several Occasions by the late Matthew Prior [Including “Memoirs of the Life of Mr.Prior” / Including: “Solomon on the Vanity of the World” / “An Ode Humbly Inscrib’d to the Queen, on the Glorious Success of her Majesty’s Arms, MDCCVI. Written in Imitation of Spenser’s Style” / “Alma, or the Progress of the Mind – In three Cantos” / “Downhall – A Ballad – To the Tune of King John and the Abbott of Canterbury” ].

First and Forurth Edition. Two Volumes (complete set). London, J.R.Tonson and S.Draper and H.Linto / C.Hitch at the Red Lyon and J. Hodges at the Looking-Glass, 1754. Small-Octavo (10,5 cm x 16,5 cm). Volume I [First Edition, printed by Tonson]: [11], 402, [3] pages with two title-pages/ Volume II: [Fourth Edition, printed by C. Hitch and J.Hodges], Frontispiece, LXXII, 356 pages with two full-page copper-engravings by van Gucht (plus engraved Frontispiece). Original Hardcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. With the name “John Morrison” on the titlepage of both Volumes [possibly the 18th century – Architect John Morrison from Midleton, with a connection to Castlemartyr]. These books came subsequently from, the Library of Daniel Conner, Connerville / Bandon / Manch House in which also a set of Buffon, from the library of Richard Boyle Bernard, Dean of Leighlin and MP for Bandon Bridge was included.

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