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Anti-War Protests (1 item)

Howard Zinn - Collection of important publications / working-copies from the private library of Howard Zinn

1. Zinn, Howard.

Collection of important publications / working-copies from the private library of Howard Zinn; books he privately used for his research and books that helped him in his studies of Anti-War efforts, his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement as well as his general studies of American Political History, his Political Activism and Political Criticism, his research of the United States Government and its national and international policies etc. The collection includes paperbacks and several Hardcover-publications as well. All the books are bearing Howard Zinn’s large ownership-signature to the endpaper, many have markings or/and annotations by Howard Zinn. The Collection includes: 1. Thomas D. Boettcher – Vietnam – The Valor and the Sorrow – From the home front to the front lines in words and pictures. Boston, 1985 / 2. Theodore L. Becker – Political Trials – New York, 1971 [with interesting text-markings and annotations by Howard Zinn in the chapter “The Spiegel Affair”, highlighting the name of Augstein in the “Fallex 62” Exercise – Affair, involving NATO in which “Der Speigel” reported on the mock war and Germany’s involvement through its then Defense Minister: Franz Josef Strauss” (″as defense minister, Strauss dedicated himself to equipping the German army with tactical nuclear weapons and to redefining Germany’s role in NATO” – page 9)] / 3. Michi Weglyn – “Years of Infamy” – The Untold Story of America’s Concentration Camps – New York, William Morrow and Company, 1976 [with repeated highlightings by Howard Zinn regarding “Tule Lake” and for example on page 239 that the “renunciation law would be restricted to those over seventeen years of age”] – Zinn explores here the American practice of detaining 110000 Japanese citizens in concentration camps, Zinn’s outrage is explained in several heavy textmarkings / 4. Immanuel Wallerstein – “The Modern World-System” – “Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century” – [Studies in Social Discontinuity] New York, 1974 – [With several text-markings, and detailed annotations by Howard Zinn, for example on food & luxires in feudalism etc.] / 5. Phillip Knightley – “The First Casualty” – “From the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker” – New York, 1975 – [With some text-markings by Howard Zinn in the chapter on World War One] / 6. Charles Tilly, Louise Tilly and Richard Tilly – “The Rebellious Century (1830-1930” – Cambridge (Mass.), Harvard University Press, 1980 – [With interesting markings, for example on Michael Lipsky making “a strong case that the strike movement owed what success it had (which was not enormous) to the fact that dramatic protests activated powerful third parties….” p. 294] / 7. Norman Moss – “Men who play God” – “The Story of the Hydrogen Bomb” – Baltimore, Penguin, 1971 / 8. Kenneth Bock – Human Nature and History – “A Response to Sociobiology” – New York, Columbia University Press, 1980 / 9. E.H.Dance – “History the Betrayer” – “A Study in Bias” – Westort (Connecticut), Greenwood Press, 1975 – [With a signed letter by Stephen van Evera to Howard Zinn, on “Tufts University” – Stationery, who sent him the book by EH Dance and who reflects on Zinn’s idea of “expanding the first part of your “Politics of History”, discussing more deeply the tendency of scholarship to hide in irrelevance, fail to evaluate and leave bitter disputes in the dark from fear of making enemies”] / 10. Edwin Fogelman – “Hiroshima – The Decision to use the A-Bomb” [Heavily marked by Howard Zinn in several chapters, reflecting on his detection of the american government’s policy of justifying the use of the Atomic Bomb, and highlighting especially Brigadier General Leslie Richard Groves’ information on the Manhattan Project: “As time went on, and as we poured more and more money and effort into the project, the government became increasingly committed to the ultimate use of the bomb….” / 11. Gloria Emerson – “Gaza” – “A Year in the Intifada – A Personal Account from an Occupied Land” New York, The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1991 – Inscribed and signed by the author Gloria Emerson to Howard Zinn / 12. H.G. Wells – “The Outline of History” – “Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind” – Complete in One Volume with all maps, charts, illustrations, diagrams etc. – New York, Garden City Publishing, 1930. /

Cambridge / London / and others, South End Press / Cambrigde University Press / Oxford University Press / Mouton & Co. and many others, c. 1966 – 2002. Octavo. c. 4500 pages. Original Hardcover- and Softcover – Volumes. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Amazing and valuable collection of publications from the personal working-library of one of America’s most important and influential social critics. All books with Howard Zinn’s ownership – signature.

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