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Peurbach - Theoricae Novae Planetarum / Wursteisen - Quaestiones vero in Theoricas Planetarum Purbachij

Astronomical and Copernican Illustration in 16th century Books – Peurbach, Georg von [Purbachius] / Christian Wurstisen [Christianus Wursteisen / Christianus Urstisius].

Theoricae Novae Planetarum. Quibus accesserunt: Ioannis de Monte Regio Disputationes, super deliramenta Theoricarum Gerardi Cremonensis. Item. Ioannis Eßler Maguntini, Tractatus utilis ante LX annos conscriptus, cui Titulum fecit, Speculum Astrologorum, in quo Astrolog. errores, ex neglecta temporis aequatione prouententes, ostenduntur, & multa que ad Theoricarum, praesertim Octauae Sphaerae, intellectum faciunt, explicantur. / BOUND WITH: Quaestiones vero in Theoricas Planetarum Purbachij, authore Christiano Wurstisio Basil. eadem forma damus. Omnia recens in gratiam Candidatorum Astronomiae edita. Cum gratia& privilegio Caes. Maiest.

Basel, Henricpetri, 1569 – 1573. Small Octavo (11 cm x 16 cm). Collation for ‘Theoricae Novae Planetarum’: 8 Bll., 262 pages with many woodcuts throughout the text / Collation for ‘Quaestiones vero in Theoricas Planetarum Purbachij’: [1]; [8], 430 pages with 10 plates plus many woodcuts within the text. The Colophon for this second Volume missing ! [It is not clear how many plates were supposed to be in this edition – some carry 9, some 11]. Contemporary 16th century Hardcover with boards covered by an old page from a Missale. Spine repaired later (possibly 18th century) with matching vellum. Dampstain throughout the whole volume. Heavily annotated throughout in a contemporary hand.

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William Lilly, Christian Astrology [Bound before:] An Easie and plain Method - Teaching How to judge upon Nativities.

Lilly, William.

Christian Astrology [Bound before:] An Easie and plain Method – Teaching How to judge upon Nativities. The Rectification of a Nativitie by Trutine of Hermes, Animodar or by Accidents. A Brief Way of Judgement, declaring those generall Accidents which in a natural course depend upon the signification of the 12 Houses of Heaven. The effects of Directions, Revolutions, Profections and Transits; the exact Measure of Time in Directions. By William Lilly, Student in Astrology” – “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis”. [Includes several sections on Women in relation to Astrology and Prophecies like for example: “″If ones Lover or wife hath a Sweet-Heart besides himself” (page 316) / “Hath she a Lover” (page 316) / “Of a Woman flying [fleeing] from her husband” (page 330) / “Of Death, Dowry, Substance of the Wife &c.” (page 404) / etc.].

Original Edition (NOT a Reprint). Two works in one Volume. London, [John Macock], 1658 / [1659]. Octavo (14,5 cm x 19 cm). Pagination: Portrait and Titlepage missing, 18 unnumbered pages “To The Reader” / “The Contents”, [1] page “To the Student in Astrology” by William Lilly / [16] unnumbered pages of “Lunar Aspects” and “Tables of Houses”, pages 25 – 832 pages plus a manuscript Index and some very few manuscript annotations in ink. [The publication on Nativities has its own titlepage on page 487 of the book]. Hardcover / Ugly, Private 20th-century binding. Poor condition, Portrait and titlepage and maybe some more pages of the Introduction missing, beginning and end of the book with frail, some detached pages with some strong fraying. Page 703 with tear. Still a very, very rare book with some amazing historical astrology and related history like “Table of Longitudes and Latitudes of certain Cities and great Towns in England” (mentioning also “Dublin in Ireland” and “Edinborough in Scotland”. The privately affixed Index condensed some secret knowledge important to the preowner of this book: “Colours of the Planets”, “Combustion”, “Face of a Planet”, “Names of Planets and Signs”, and it also mentions a case in which a “Thief to be judged of by the peregrine Planet” etc. From the 18th-century-library of one “Joseph Clark”, with his name in ink verso the titlepage of the “Nativities”: “Joseph Clark – his Book – 1765”.

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