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Modern Practical Farriery, [with a significant and beautiful chapter on Horses

Miles, W.J. / Walker, John / Preston, John / Scott, Charles / Lupton, J.I.

Modern Practical Farriery, [with a significant and beautiful chapter on Horses including breathtaking illustrations and the following chapters: The Natural History of the Horse / The Varieties of the Horse / The Horses of Britain / Horse Breaking with Rarey’s System / The Paces of the Horse / Buying a Horse / The Age of the Horse from the Teeth / Horse Law (Sales by Auction) / The Stable with Harness Room / Riding to Hounds / Treatment of Horse on a Journey / Horse Medicines / Specific Diseases of the Horse The Practise of Veterinary Medicine [on the Horse] / Training the Racer [Racehorse] / Training Grounds / The Hunter / ] A Complete System of the Veterinary Art as a t Present Practised at the Royal Veterinary College, London. Including pratical treatises on Cattle, their Management in Dairy, Field and Stall, by John Walker / Pasture Grasses and Forage Plants by Samuel P. Preston / The Practice of Sheep Farming by Charles Scott and The Diseases of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs by J.I. Lupton. With 47 Plates.

First Edition. London, William Mackenzie, 1895. Folio (26 cm x 31.5 cm). 538, 96 pages with 47 full-page-plates in black and white and colour (all original lithographs and colourful chromolithographical plates) also several illustrations within the text. Modern, professional binding with original endpapers. The original bookblock with some minor repairs to damages within some pages. Larger tear to pages 15 and 16. Otherwise excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. A very rare, sought after and important publication with fantastic illustrations.

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Sikes, Personal Papers and Archival Material Related to the Life and Career of S

Sikes, Sylvia.

Personal Papers / Small Archive of Material Related to the Life and Career of Zoologist Sylvia Sikes, the Foremost African Elephant Specialist of her time. All materials from her personal collection / working copies and manuscript material. A collection of professional and academic papers, copies of Sikes’ monographs, zoological manuscripts and a plethora of photographs and personal newsletters, letters, pamphlets and manuscripts spanning seven decades of Sikes’ personal and professional life in Africa and the UK. The collection is composed of 92 specific pieces (some of which are comprised of one or more items). A detailed bibliography of the collection has been outlined in a Word Document (please request). The collection also includes personal copies of three monographs Sylvia Sikes has published, an original copy of her two-volume doctoral thesis, 37 academic articles and 5 unpublished draft manuscripts. There are also 7 booklets and a book by a third author among the collection. The collection is rounded off by a large number of vintage colour and monochrome photographs, letters, single-sheet newsletters, newspaper and magazine cuttings.

Africa and the UK, Various, 1937 – 2012. 21 cm x 26 cm – 24.5 cm x 31 cm. Circa 2,500+ pages. Numerous monochrome and colour photographs throughout the collection. Includes Hardcover book with dustjacket, softcover book, reprints of academic journal articles in paper wrappers and a variety of loose material in cellophane files. The archive, running from 1937 to 2012, is contained in two green (24.5 cm x 31 cm x 10.5 cm) boxes, four additional folders (32 cm x 24 cm) and two hardcover volumes (21.5 cm x 26cm). Very good condition.

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