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Inanna Rare Books is building bespoke Libraries

For private Collectors, Readers, Lovers of Books

Please let us help you to build and catalogue your collection – We can help to:

  1. Donate a meaningful, bespoke-built Library to an organisation of your choice
  2. Order an essential Library for your Homeschooling and / or Self-Education
  3. Gift a meaningful, bespoke-built Library to someone you love
  4. Gift a meaningful, bespoke-built Library to yourself
  5. Create a meaningful, unique Library as an investment
  6. Catalogue your existing library with our professional collector’s software Juliet which allows you to easily list and archive your own books, art and maps including images and also helps you to independently continue building and growing your collection while cataloguing it for future generations or even any future sale. This tool is eliminating any uncertainty for yourself and generations to come about the size and value of your collection and helps you to register not only initial purchase prices but also allows you to quickly compare your collection versus current market values.

For Institutions, Organisations, NGO’s, Hotels, Restaurants, Private Clubs

Please let us help you to:

  1. Find a sponsor for the library you want to build
  2. Showcase how a library could transform your interior design and presentation
  3. Build a unique setting, an atmosphere that sets you apart from similar settings in your industry