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British Colonial Administration (223 items)

Manuscript / Autographed Letter Signed (MLS / ALS), marked as

38. [Cyprus Content] – [Luke, Sir Harry] / Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Tompkins / Sir Malcolm Stevenson [Governor of Cyprus] / William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore / [Leo] L.S. Amery / etc.

Manuscript / Autographed Letter Signed (MLS / ALS), marked as “Private / Personal”, from Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Tompkins to Harry Luke while Luke was Colonial Secretary of Sierra Leone. Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Tompkins writes in this embittered letter to Luke “I am very very grateful indeed for all you have done & your sympathy on my case….It is more than kind of you to write again to Sir Ronald Storrs in Cyprus…For he seems to be a honored minded & certainly most sympathetic man. What good he has already done in the old Island & I sincerely hope he will get the reward indeed he deserves….I am waiting and waiting for Justice…..so there is nothing for me but to express at all costs to me personally the ways & intrigues of the Cyprus department at the Colonial Office & the cowardly malice….of Cyprus Official (Governor to Staff of Secretary) 1920 to 1923 …..2 men are dead..[Fenn ?] & last week General Sir H[arold] Ruggles – Brise of the Officers Association but I hold the personal letters of the former & the Committees letters of the latter which proofs deliberate antagonisation to my ever getting employment. For what reason ? “Gore [that is William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech] & Stevenson [that is Sir Malcolm Stevenson] Ellis & ?” only Rumours [?]. This cruel treatment has ruined me + broken my home but I am not going under the ground without a Fight & by that I mean a real Fight & exposure. Amery [Leo / L.S.Amery [colonial secretary to Stevenson [governor, Cyprus] & Ormsby – Gore are infallible & they’re being grossly deceived by their permanent Staff….”.

London, June 27, 1927. 4 pages on one A4 folded sheet. From Sir Harry Luke’s personal library.

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Ronald Storrs / Harry Luke - Manuscript Letter Signed (MLS) / Autographed Letter Signed (ALS) with original photograph included

39. [Cyprus Content] – [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry / Storrs, Ronald / Queen Marie of Romania].

Manuscript Letter Signed (MLS) / Autographed Letter Signed (ALS) with original photograph included. The letter was sent from Sir Ronald Storrs while Storrs was Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Cyprus, and Storrs used the internal Diplomatic post to send the letter to Harry Luke in Freetown, Sierre Leone. Storrs discusses a recent “publication by the Thane [that was Edward Keith-Roach, British Colonial administrator during the British mandate on Palestine] in an American Magazine” [that is Keith-Roaches article “The Pageant of Jerusalem”, published in the December issue of the year 1927 in The National Geographic]. Storrs informs Luke “I am this week proposing myself as repr[esentative] of my Govt. to the Oxford Orientalist Congress, Aug 29 – Sept 3. (about which you have doubtless heard). & with to suggest you doing likewise….I think you will again enjoy ourselves [sic] amazingly well. Meanwhile keep yourself free for the Sat-Mn preciding & including the Aug Bank Holiday, when I hope to be staying with the admirable [?] at Magdalene. Where I trust he will make you our [?]. Do I detect a reproach for not having sought permission to use your Map for the stamp ?….learn that the fault is not mine, for Watts had designed one here…The Q of Romania + 5 threatens to descend upon us [″In April 1928 Queen Marie of Romania and her daughter Ileana visited Cyprus. Rupert Gunnis was given the task to show them around the island” (Source: Severis Foundation)], & wd, in any other building than this be as welcomed as honoured. Toward the end of Mar…[?] – With our joint omaggi to yr Lady – I am y RS – – [P.S.]: “Daisy just had a 2nd girl” [the letter was kept by Luke together with an earlier, charming photograph of Storrs twins, titled by Luke: “The little Storrs girls at Deal Beach July 1917”].

[Cyprus], 29th of January, 1928. Folio. 1 page with envelope and photograph. From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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