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Ireland (Carrick-A-Rede / Giant's Causeway

1. 19th century European Travel – Ireland (Carrick-A-Rede / Giant’s Causeway / Bideford (Devon) / Torrington (Devon) / Lynton (Devon) / Lynmouth (Devon) / Watersmeet (Devon) / Ilfracombe (Devon) / Carnarvon Castle (Wales) / Forth Bridge – (Wales)/

Original Photoalbum from ca. 1870 / 1880 with 37 original Albumen Print / Albumen Silver Print – Photographs of a Tour through Europe. With very interesting photographs of Ireland’s favourite attractions in County Antrim , a large section of the Devon Region in England (The DEVON – Section includes 15 photographs alone), and some beautiful and rare early colour photographs of Luzern in Switzerland: Examples of images: 8. Bideford in Devon (Promenade with ships and people) / 9. Torrington – Devon (Town Mill Bridge) / 10. Torrington – Devon (Northern Bridge) / Two smaller photographs on one board: 11. Torrington – Devon (Castle Ruins) / 12. Torrington – Devon – (Near Railway Station) / Two smaller photographs on board: 13. Torrington – Devon – (The Avenue) / 14. Torrington – Devon (Valley of Rocks / Castle Rock) / 15. Lynton – North Devon / 16. Lynton – North Devon (Castle Rock) / 17. Lynmouth – Watersmeet / 18. Lynmouth (Bridge /Watersmeet near Lynmouth) / 19. Lynmouth (Picturesque Harbourscene with old fisherhuts on left) / 20. Ilfracombe – North Devon (from the Tours Walk – Top of the Hill) / 21. Ilfracombe – Tour Walk / 22. Ilfracombe – View from Capstone Hill /

Devon, ca.1870/1880/1890. Oblong – Quarto. 37 plates. Hardcover. Recently, professionally rebound in half leather with gilt lettering on spine. The large photographs in very good condition.

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Collection of publications on the Leica Photography including Augen Auf ! 100 Years of Leica

6. Leica – [Leica Collection] Leitz / Wetzlar / Solms / Heiner Henninges / Hans-Michael Koetzle.

Collection of publications on the Leica Photography / Leica – Photography / History of Leica – Photography etc. The collection inlcudes: I. Leica-Folder with six publications of “Leica Fotografie” [1. Leica Classic Camera Issue from February 2002 with a Chronology of the Leica M as well as many photographs of the M3, M12, MD, M4 and others / 2. Leica Fotografie International – Special Issue “Nature Photography” (1999) / 3. Leica Fotografie International – Special Issue “Close-Up and Macro” (1999) / 4. Leica Fotografie International – Special Issue “Leica R System” (1998) / 5. Leica Fotografie International – Special Issue “Leica M – System” (1998) / 6. Leica Fotografie International – Special Issue – Jubilee Edition “50 Years Leica Fotografie” / “The history of Leica Fotografie from 1949 to 1999” plus “Early Leica Magazines” (1999) / Plus two Leica Bulletins from 2003 and 2004 (on the Leica R9 etc.)] / II. Leica World – Magic Moments II – with historical Leica – Photos by Jane Evelyn Atwood, Gianni Berengo Gardin, William Klein, and others / III. Hans Michael Koetzle – Augen Auf ! 100 Jahre Leica – German Jubilee edition – an amazing monograph, a stunning publication on the History of the Leica and with essays by Hans-Michael Koetzle; Bauret, Gabriel; Castellote, Alejandro; Ebert, Michael; Hamilton, Peter; Holzer, Anton; Hans-Michael Koetzle; Mecklenburg, Franziska; Reuter, Rebecca; Richter, Ulf; Schaden, Christoph; Tavares, Emilia; Weise, Bernd; Wiegand, Thomas and Honickel (2.aktualisierte Auflage – Kehrer – 2017)/

Wetzlar / Solms, Leica World / Heiner Henninges / Umschau / Kehrer, 1998 – 2017. 4°. c. 400 pages with numerous photographs. Original Hardcover and Softcover. Very good condition with only very minor signs of wear.

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Collection of signed books, unsigned books, inscribed books and signed photographs from the library of irish photographer John Minihan.

7. [Minihan, John] Heaney, Seamus / Nash, Graham / Jimi Hendrix / Samuel Beckett / Christie’s / Sotheby’s etc.

Stunning collection of extra-large [XL] signed vintage photographs [Beckett, Bacon, Heaney (2 photographs fof Seamus Heaney), Richard Burton etc.], signed books, unsigned books, inscribed books, reference-works (catalogues etc.) on old cameras and photographic equipment as well as signed original photographs from the personal library of irish photographer John Minihan. Full details under “Libraries & Collections” on our website. The collection also includes a signed original essay on Francis Bacon, an original self-portrait of Minihan in form of a reflection-photograph during his visit to Argentina, a stunning self-portrait of Minihan, taken shortly after he took the iconic photograph of Samuel Beckett in the Cafe in Paris, a signed Seamus Heaney – First Day-Cover, signed and inscribed books, a signed book with printed Beckett – Images, a signed original Vinyl with an early photographic cover-image by Minihan (Michael Mannion), more than 30 reference works which inspired John Minihan / catalogues / publications on the History and Technology of Photography, publications on the value and evaluation of photographs and rare auction records on vintage and rare photographs of the19th and 20th century, etc. [The collection is still growing ! Please offer us unusual John Minihan photographs]

New York / London, Christie’s / Sotheby’s / Solio etc., 1977 – 2006. Quarto. More than 4500 pages with photographic records, descriptions and illustrations, framed photographs, signed books. Original Softcover and Hardcover – publications. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The price includes an upgrade to worldwide free shipping of the collection per UPS Express Courier.

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