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European History – Rare

Nugent, Travels through Germany. Containing observations on Customs

6. Nugent, Thomas.

Travels through Germany. Containing observations on Customs, Manners, Religion, Government, Commerce, Arts, and Antiquities. With a particular account of the courts of Mecklenburg. Embellished with elegant Cuts of the Palaces and Gardens of the Dukes of Mecklenburg.

First Edition. Two Volumes (complete set). London, Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly, 1768. Octavo. Collation complete. Volume I: Frontispice: “View of the Palace of Strelitz”, (8), 391 pages with View of the “City of Hamburg”, “A Map of the Duchy of Mecklenburg – including the Island of Rugen” / Volume II: Frontispice: “View of the Palace of Ludwigslust”, (2), 395, (1) pages with “The Grand Cascade & Water Clock before the Palace Ludwigslust”, “The Cascade in the Wood, near the Summer House of Ludwigslust”, “The Two Cascades in the Wood near the little Summer House of Ludewigslust”, “The 2 Cascades with the Jet d’Eau at the Entrance of the Grand Avenue in the Gardens of Ludwigslust” , “The Caesar Grove”, “The Circle Cascade in the Gardens of Ludwigslust”, “Prospect of a Sluice in the Gardens of Ludwigslust which by the weight of the stream opens itself, lets off the water & shuts again”. With the Directions for the Binder and Errata to the rear of Volume II. Hardcover / Original 18th century half leather with gilt lettering and ornament on spine-labels. Front board of Volume one starting to separate. Otherwise in very good condition with all the illustrations and the often missing map in excellent condition. Rare and early work on Garden Architecture, Lustgarten, Wasserspiele (Water Games) etc. Armorial bookplate of Daniel Conner to pastedown of each Volume.

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Moshamm, Franz Xaver / Louis-Guillaume Otto, comte de Mosloy - Europäisches Gesandschaftsrecht.

[Otto, Louis-Guillaume, Comte de Mosley] Moshamm, Franz Xaver von [d.i. Franz Xaver von Moshammer, Ritter von Mosham].

Europäisches Gesandschaftsrecht [European Law for Emissaries / Ambassadors / Minister Plenipotentiary / Histoire du Droit de Corps Diplomatique Européennes] / [Provenience: From the library of Germano-French Diplomat, Louis-Guillaume Otto, comte de Mosloy, with his Exlibris / Bookplate].

Landshut, Franz Seraph Hagen, 1805. Octavo. [2], VIII, 467 Seiten. Hardcover / Dekoratives Maroquin des frühen 19.Jahrhunderts, mit floraler Rückenvergoldung. Wunderbare Ausgabe in sehr guter Erhaltung mit nur geringen Gebrauchsspuren. Ehemaliges Exemplar aus der Bibliothek der ‘Académie Diplomatique Internationale’ in Paris. Durchgehend stockfleckig. Von grosser Seltenheit und mit sehr interessanter Provenienz. Das Buch stammt aus der Privatbibliothek des französischen Diplomaten, Louis-Guillaume Otto, Comte de Mosloy, Schüler des bedeutenden Rechtslehrer’s Christoph Wilhelm Koch (1737-1813), der als der letzte Rechtslehrer der alten Straßburger Hochschule gilt. Louis-Guillaume Otto wird in biographischen Quellen als Deutsch-Franzoesischer Diplomat benannt und hat sich zur Zeit der Publikation des vorliegenden Werks von Moshammer, am Bayrischen Hofe in Muenchen als Gesandter Napoleon’s befunden, wo Otto’s Wirken grossen Eindruck auf Napoleon ausuebte und zu seiner Befoerderung und spaeteren Berufung als Botschafter Frankreich’s am Wiener Hof (1810) fuehrte. In Wien erlangte Otto grosse Bedeutung fuer Napoleon indem er fuer Ihn die Hochzeit mit Marie-Louise von Österreich verhandelte. Historisch belegt ist auch Otto’s Bekanntschaft mit Metternich, welcher ebenfalls Schüler von Christoph Wilhelm Koch war. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist die Ausgabe des hier vorliegenden Gesandtschaftsrechts von grosser historischer Bedeutung, da Provenienz und Funktion des Buchtitels nicht nur im direkten Zusammenhang mit der juristischen Ausbildung von Otto und Moshamm sondern auch mit Otto’s Berufung als Gesandter, Diplomat und Botschafter unter Napoleon in Verbindung steht.

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Collection of thirtysix (36) publications on Political Science and Social Thought with an emphasis on the European Union

[Political Science / Political Theory and Government / Policy Process / European Union / Government and Politics]

Collection of thirtysix (36) publications on Political Science and Social Thought with an emphasis on the European Union, the European Community and Policy making. The collection includes: 1. Seamus O Tuama – Critical Turns in Critical Theory – New Directions in Social and Political Thought – Festschrift for Piet Strydom (Signed and inscribed by Seamus O Tuama) / 2. Andrew Heywood – Political Ideologies – An Introduction / 3. John Dunn – Western Political Theory in the Face of the Future / 4. Ian Shapiro – The Moral Foundations of Politics / 5. Michael Hill – The Policy Process – A Reader (Second Edition) / 6. D.D.Raphael – Problems of Political Philosophy (Revised Edition) / 7. Bernard Crick and Tom Crick – What is Politics ? / 8. Vernon Bogdanor – The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Science / 9. Gabriel A. Almond and G.Bingham Powell, Jr. – Comparative Politics / 10. Charles E. Lindblom – The Policy Making Process (second edition) / 11. Edward Boyle and Anthony Crosland – The Politics of Education / 12. Brian Chapman – The Profession of Government / 13. Christopher Ham and Michael Hill – The Policy Process in the Modern Capitalist State / 14. David Braybrooke & Charles E. Lindblom – A Strategy of Decision – Policy Evaluation as a Social Process / 15. Peter Harris – Foundations of Political Science (second edition) / 16. J. Denis Derbyshire – Spotlight on World Political Systems / 17. W.I.Jenkins – Policy Analysis – A Political and Organizational Perspective / 18. Andrew Heywood – Political Ideas and Concepts – An Introduction / 19. Peter Saunders – Urban Politics – A Sociological Interpretation / 20. Patrick Rivers – Politics by Pressure / 21. Andrew Heywood – Key Concepts in Politics / 22. Martin J. Smith – Pressure Politics / 23. Stephen C. Young – The Politics of the Environment / 24. Jean Blondel – Comparative Government / 25. The German Bundesrat / 26. The German Bundestag / 27. Richard Owen and Michael Dynes – Guide to the Single European Market / 28. C.C.Schweitzer and others – Politics and Government in the Federal Republic of Germany, Basic Documents / 29. Treaty on European Union / 30. Treaties establishing the european communities / 31. Neill Nugent – The Government and Politics of the European Union / 32. The Government and Politics of France / 33. Lasok, D. and J.W.Bridge – Introduction to the Law and Institutions of the European Communities (Second Edition) / 33. Juliet Lodge – The European Community and the Challenge of the Future / 34. Gallagher – Representative Government in Modern Europe – Institutions, Parties and Governments (Second Edition) / 35. A.A.Scott – European Studies / 36. M.Donald Hancock – Politics in Western Europe /

Yale / London / and others, MacMillan / and others, c. 1960 – c. 2000. Octavo. More than 3000 pages. Original Softcover and Hardcover bindings. All Volumes with signs of external wear but overall in very good condition. In addition the collection also includes a few publications on Administration Policy. From the library of an irish Councilman and University lecturer.

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Samuel Pufendorf / Sir Patrick Hume - An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe.

Pufendorf, Samuel / [Samuel Freiherr von Puffendorf] / [Provenance: Sir Patrick Hume].

An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe [including a section: “The English conquer Ireland” / “The English Parliament Forces Conquer Ireland” / “Constitution of the “Scotch” [Scottish] Nation”]. Made English from the Original, the High-Dutch – The Third Edition, with Additions. [With an “Epistle Dedicatory” by J. Crull].

London, Printed for M.Gilliflower at the Spread-Eagle in Westminster-Hall and T.Newborough at the Golden Ball in St.Paul’s Church-Yard, 1699. Octavo. Frontispice-Portrait of Pufendorf, [14], 515, [13] pages. Hardcover / Original 18th century full calf with later spinelabel. One of the previous owners has written his initials “GWH” in red ink verso the titlepage. Pastedown with armorial Bookplate / Exlibris of Scottish statesman, the Right Honorable Patrick Hume, Earl of Marchmont, Viscount of Blasonberry, Lord Polwarth of Polwarth & Lord High Chancellorof Scotland – [Bookplate dated at 1702 – Motto: “Fides Probata Coronat” – “True to the End”]. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Minor lesion/tear to outer margins of page 461. With manuscript entries by the preowner to the top of each page, detailing each page for easier access into sections of countries (Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Britain, Rome, Sweden etc.). This book is rare; but with the excellent provenance from the library of Sir Patrick Hume, an even more important and desirable publication.

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