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20th Century

Vintage Photo Album of

[Davey & Hackney] / R.M.S.P. Arcadian.

Two Vintage Photo Albums / Portfolios of “Cruise No. 2 to ‘The Norwegian Fjords’ in June 1913 on the R.M.S.P. Arcadian”. Fantastic combination of two photo logbooks of one of the last trips for this beautiful passenger liner before she served with the Royal Navy and was sunk by a U-boat, the German submarine SM UC-74, in 1917. These luxury photographic records were created by Davey & Hackney, Alexandra Palace, London. I. Album One: On 24 pages (12 stiff cardboards with photographs on both sides) with 44 vintage high-quality photographs, the cruise was documented by not only focusing on the natural beauty of Norway but also by documenting the captain (Captain Custance) and crew of the Arcadian, one large photograph shows the captain and all his officers. Some striking images of the ship itself are showing this liner in all its glory. The ship was built in 1899 by Vickers, Sons & Maxim Ltd. for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company as SS Ortona. This unusually luxury Album also documents in an appendix with a small map of Norway the Itinerary of the cruise. All mileage covered and dates the cruise would reach the scheduled destinations in Norway are mentioned (Grimsby, Wed. 18 June / Leith, 235 miles, Thursday 19 June / Aalesund 493 Miles Sat. 21 June / and so on and so on). The cruise would stop at Molde (Moldefjord), Aandalsnaes (Romsdalfjord) / Oie (Jorundfjord) / Hellesylt (Sunelvsfjord) / Merok (Geirangerfjord) / Olden (Invikfjord) / Loen (Nordfjord) / Mundal (Fjaerlandsfjord) / Balholmen (Sognefjord) / Gudvangen (Naerofjord) / Sundal (Maurangerfjord) / Norheimsund (Hardangerfjord) / Bergen / back to Grimsby on July 2nd, 1913 with a total of 2127 miles covered in 14 days. The photographs of the “Arcadian” are differing in size from a beautiful full ship image in 17.5 cm x 28.7 cm to detailed photographs of the deck in 11.5 cm x 16.4 cm; a nice photo of the “Arcadian’s” Launch (with small steem funnel), interior of the ship (Dining Salon), a photograph of a visiting steam Tender (″The Grimsby Tender”), Deck tennis – scenes, Playing Bull Board, Letting go the Anchor with two crew members. / II. Album Two: This additional, smaller Album, on an additional 24 pages (12 stiff cardboards with photographs on both sides) shows a further 24 vintage, high-quality photographs. These additional photographs show The Hardangerfjord / Folgefond Glacier / An Arcade in the Dining Salon / Photograph of Captain Custance / Sundal / The Landing Stage in Norheimsund / Fysse / The Landing Stage in Trondheim with many locals waiting / The Landing Stage in Forhatten / Digermulen / The Raftsund Fjord / Lyngenfjord / A boat full of Lapps in traditional clothing, showing and offering livestock and handmade dolls for tourists on board the “Arcadian” / Hammerfest / North Cape & Midnight Sun from the “Arcadian” / Tromso, with a large gathering of schoolchildren / A Boxing Match on the “Arcadian”, showing two pugilists fighting it out to the bemusement of bystanders / Pillow Fighting as Pastime for Tourists on the “Arcadian” / Molde from the Hill, showing the “Arcadian” in the Fjord / Aandalsnes / View from Aandalsnes / Bergen and Bergen Harbour with a few nice local Yachts in the foreground // The quality of the photography in both of these Album is excellent.

London / Norway, Davey & Hackney Photo (Alexandra Palace), 1913. Sizes: Vol. I: Folio (25.5 cm x 32 cm) / Vol.II: Oblong Octavo (25 cm x 17 cm). Volume I: 12 cardboard sheets with 24 pages (of which 24 are with photographs) with foldable appendix / Volume II: 12 cardboard sheets with 24 pages (of which 24 are with photographs) Hardcover / Green soft morocco with gilt lettering on cover and ornament around the pastedowns of the inner boards. Some minor rubbing to the binding but overall in excellent, near Fine condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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Thomas Mann, Sammlung bedeutender Werke von Thomas Mann, viele in Erstausgaben und mit interessanter Provenienz

Mann, Thomas.

Sammlung bedeutender Werke von Thomas Mann, viele in Erstausgaben und mit interessanter Provenienz, signierte Vorzugsausgaben mit originalen Holzschnitten, bedeutende Erstdrucke in Zeitschriften etc. [Die Sammlung ist intensiv dokumentiert auf unserer Webseite einzusehen, mit detaillierten Beschreibungen und zahlreichen, professionellen Photographien. Die Sammlung wird immer wieder erweitert, auch um interessante Reproduktionen wie den Nachdruck der Friedemann-Erstausgabe mit der Replika des originalen Schutzumschlags, seltene Ephemera etc. (Bitte interessante Ausgaben, Briefe und Vorzugsausgaben von und zu Thomas Mann und seinem Umkreis anbieten !) / Large Collection of important german publications, letters and signed editions by Thomas Mann. All editions in this collection are in the original, german language. The collection has been thoroughly documented and photographed and can be viewed in detail on our website (or ask for a full list). Die Sammlung beinhaltet vieles aber unter anderem: / Included is for example: Tod in Venedig (in der wahren Erstausgabe als Fortsetzungstext in der Neuen Rundschau von 1912) / Der Kleine Herr Friedemann in der limitierten, signierten Ausgabe mit Holzschnitten von Otto Nückel / “Fiorenza” in der originalen Broschur-Ausgabe der “Neuen Rundschau” – Zeitschrift / Konvolut von drei handschriftlichen Briefen (signiert) zwischen den Lübecker Senatoren Wilhelm Brehmer und Emil Ferdinand Fehling sowie einer sechsseitigen handschriftlichen Mitschrift einer Lübecker Bürgerschaftssitzung vom November 1898. Die Briefe zwischen den Lübecker Senatoren Wilhelm Brehmer und Emil Ferdinand Fehling (Emil Ferdinand Fehling (1847-1927) gilt als Vorlage für Dr. Moritz Hagenström in Thomas Mann’s “Buddenbrooks”).

Berlin u.a., Fischer, u.a. 1898 – Octavo. Originale Verlagsbindungen, Privatbindungen, Broschuren etc. / Original Hardcovers, private bindings, original wrappers etc. Alle Ausgaben in guter bis sehr guter Erhaltung / Overall in very good condition with some minor signs of wear only.

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Thomas Mann, Collection of important publications by Thomas Mann in the swedish language

Mann, Thomas / [Provenance: Falk Simon (Collector)].

Collection of nine (9) important publications by Thomas Mann in the swedish language. All editions in this collection are Translations from german into the swedish language, done by eminent swedish poets, writers and translators like Anders Oesterling (Österling), Anna Lamberg Wahlin and Walborg Hedberg. The collection has been beautifully rebound for swedish Bibliophile and Collector of antique Silver, “Falk Simon”, and most of the original wrappers and artwork to wrappers, has been preserved. The Exlibris of “Falk Simon” is to be found in each Volume (except “Buddenbrooks”, which has only one Exlibris) / Included are: 1. “Lille Herr Friedemann” – Stockholm, Billows, 1929. Översättning av J.G.S. / 2. “Huset Buddenbrook” – Historien om en Familjs Förfall I-II. Första Delen & Andra Delen. (Bonniers, 1937) – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg. / 3. “Underbarnet” – Översättning fran Tyskan av Karin Allardt (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1920) [Includes: Underbarnet / Tunga Timmar / Hos Profeten / En skimrande episod / Huru Jappe och Do Escobar pryglade upp varandra / Besvikelse / Tobias Mindernickel] / 4. Tonio Kröger – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg (Stockholm, Wahlstroem & Widstrand, 1922) / 5. Hans Kunglig Höghet – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1910) – Name of preowner “Alfhild Söderlund – 1911” on titlepage / 6. Ockulta Upplevelser – Översättning av Anna Lamberg Wahlin / 7. Mario och Trollkarlen – Tre Noveller av Thomas Mann – Till Svenska af Anna Lamberg Wahlin (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1930) / 8. Lotte i Weimar – Roman – Översättning av Nils Holmberg (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1946) / 9. De Ombytta Huvudena – En Indisk Legend – Översättning av Anders Österling /

Stockholm,, Bonniers and others, 1910 – 1946. Octavo. More than 1800 pages. Hardcover / Decorative half leather with marbled-paper-covered-boards. With Exlibris of Falk Simon. Overall in excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. Rare set !

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