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Fiosconi, Espingarda Perfeyta Or The Perfect Gun & Rules For Its Use together wi

Fiosconi, Cesar / Guserio, Jordam.

Espingarda Perfeyta Or The Perfect Gun [The Perfect Musket] & Rules For Its Use together with necessary instructions for its construction and precepts for good aiming. Edited & Translated by Rainer Daehnhardt & W.Keith Neal.

Reprint of the original Edition from Lisbon, 1718. Bilingual Edition in Portuguese and English. London, Sotheby’s, 1974. 17.5 cm x 23 cm. XXII, 465 pages with 4 Lock – Drawings and 31 photographic illustrations of Anselmo Locks/ Early Portuguese Flintlocks etc. Original Hardcover with illustrated dustjacket in protective Mylar. Very Good condition with some external signs of wear to the dustjacket only.

[Ray Riling’s Bibliography “Guns and Shooting” No. 216: “On the use and capabilities of the perfect musket”].

From the Foreword by W. Keith Neal: “This book, “The Perfect Gun”, is undoubtedly the most remarkable treatise on the subject of gunmaking of its period. It was written in the latter part of the 17th century in Lisbon and describes the work of three brothers, leading gunmakers in their day, two of whom signed the book, the third remaining anonymous. As it was highly unusual to write about the jealously guarded secrets of gunmaking, they diguised their names by the use of anagrams….[..] Had the book been written purely as publicity for the authors they would hardly have disguised their names as they did. It seems that these men must have been so dedicated to their craft, so proud of their skill and so anxious to produce the finest Gun possible, that they were prepared to risk the enmity of the rest of the trade in revealing their methods. Above all they wished to record for all time and for the benefit of those less skillful, the many and various discoveries they made. [..].


Fiosconi, Espingarda Perfeyta Or The Perfect Gun