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Stafford, A History of Music.

Stafford, William C.

A History of Music.

Edinburgh, Printed for Constable & Co., 1830. Small-Octavo (10.5 cm x 15.5 cm). Advertising-Pamphlet bound before the publication, Engraved title-page, VIII, 387 pages. Original Hardcover / Publisher’s cloth with Facsimile-spine-label. Excellent condition besides some minor foxing. Engraved title slightly loosened. [″Constable’s Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science & The Arts – Volume LII: History of Music”].

Important English Music & Opera History which states in the Preface: “The present work does not pretend to be a scientific History of Music, but a popular account of the Progress of the Art….It was my purpose, at one time, to have devoted my labours more especially to the elucidation of the History of the Science [of Music] in England, subsequently to 1789, when Dr. Burney closed his invaluable work”.

Includes: The Origin of Music traced to natural causes – The Music of Savage Nations / Antediluvian Music – Traditional Account of the Origin of Music in Egypt – Ancient and Modern state of the Art of Music in that Country (Egypt) / Oriental Music – The Assyrians / Babylonians / Chaldeans / Phoenicians / Chinese Music / The Music of the Persians and the Turks / Arabian Music / The Music of the Hebrews / Music of the Burmese, Siamese, Singalese / African Music: The Music of Abyssinia, Ashantee [Ashanti] and Fantee, Empooengwa, Timannee, Kooranko, Soolima, Fellatah, Benin, Congo, Hottentot and Moorish Music / American Music / Music of the Romans / History of Music in Flanders and Germany / The Introduction of Music into the Church / The Music of Spain and Portugal / History of the Music in England from the earliest Period to the death of Purcell / The Establishment and Progress of the Italian Opera in England to the end of the 18th century / The Progress of the Italian Opera in England from the commencement of the 18th century to the close of the Season of 1829 / General View of Music in England from the death of Purcell to 1830 etc.

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Stafford, A History of Music.
Stafford, A History of Music.
Stafford, A History of Music.