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Bay, How to Tie Freshwater Flies. A Step-by-Step, Fully Illustrated Guide for th

Bay, Kenneth E.

How to Tie Freshwater Flies. A Step-by-Step, Fully Illustrated Guide for the Beginning Fly-Tier. Photographs by Matthew M. Vinciguerra.

New York, Winchester Press, 1976. 26cm x 18.5cm. vii, 151 pages. Original Hardcover with original illustrated dustjacket. In protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following chapters: Work Area and Tools/ Hooks and Materials/ Getting Started/ Basic Fly-Tying Procedures/ Bucktails and Streamers/ Black Nosed Dace/ Black Ghost/ Wet Flies/ Dark Cahill/ Leadwing Coachman/ Dry Flies/ Brown Bivisible/ Quill Gordon/ Female Beaverkill/ Irresistable/ Adams Spentwing/ Caddis Fly/ Spider/ Nymphs/ Floss Body/ Hare’s Ear/ Quill Body Emerger- Weighted/ Some Sources of Fly-Tying Materials etc.

A fully illustrated guide that will enable you to tie usable flies in a matter of hours and to attain real proficiency- enough to tie 95 percent of all the freshwater flies you will ever need- in only a few evenings. The book starts you off by advising you on the choice of tools and equipment, explaining fly-tying materials and how to judge their quality, and teaching the few basic procedures that, once mastered, make tying the actual flies easy. At every step of the way, Bay stands behind your shoulder anticipating and preventing mistakes, and photographer Matt Vinciguerra shows you exactly what you should be seeing before you on the tying vise. Almost immediately you can see real results, fishable flies, and very quickly you will become an accomplished tier. The book includes an Appendix which lists suppliers of tools and materials and recommends books on advanced fly-tying, entomology and related objects.


Bay-How to Tie Freshwater Flies