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[Pearse, An Mháthair agus Scéalta Eile. The Mother and Other Stories.

[Pearse, Patrick / Pearse, Pádraic] Pádraig Anraí Mac Piarais.

An Mháthair agus sgéalta eile. [The Mother and Other Stories].

Second Edition with Vocabulary. Dun Dealgan [Dundalk], The Dundalgan Press [William Tempest], 1927. 19.5cm x 12.8cm. 95 pages with frontispiece and further beautiful illustrations throughout the publication. Original, illustrated softcover. Excellent condition of the rare softcover-issue with only minor signs of external wear.

Pearse’s last literary publication includes six stories, among it Bríghid na nAmhrán.

Includes for Example: An Mathair/ An Dearg-Daol/ Na Boithre/ Bríghid na nAmhrán / An Gadaidhe/ An Bhean Chaointe.

Patrick Pearse, the editor of “An Claidheamh Soluis”, and later a revolutionary leader in the Easter Rising, wrote poetry, short stories and plays. He is considered the first modernist writer in Irish. Pearse rejected what he called the imposition of “dead linguistic and literary forms on a living language”, but at the same time rejected the idea that only native speakers like Ua Laoghaire could produce “Irish Irish”. He produced two books of short stories, Íosagán agus Scéalta Eile (1907) and An Mháthair agus Scéalta Eile (1916). His collection of poems, Suantraithe agus Goltraithe (1914) contains his most famous poem, “Mise Éire” (″I am Ireland”). (Wikipedia)

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Mac Piarais- An Mathair agus Scealta Eile
[Pearse, An Mháthair agus Scéalta Eile. The Mother and Other Stories.