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Cloke, Introducing Human Geographies.

Cloke, Paul (editor) / Crang, Philip (editor) / Goodwin, Mark (editor).

Introducing Human Geographies.

London, Arnold, 1999. 20 cm x 27 cm. XV, 368 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Inscription by pre-owner. The price for this heavy book includes international shipping per Courier !

Includes for example the following essays:

Survival and Resistance: (″The Threats to People’s survival” – Example: Buddhist monk demonstration in Lhasa in 1987 at Jokhang Temple, carrying forbidden Tibetan Flags and charged with fomenting counter-revolution

Geography and Resistance: (Human Geography can lend some important understandings to people’s resistance)

Social Movement Struggles: “Resistance for Survival” (Movimento Sem Terra)

Environmental Knowlede and Environmentalism by Jacquie Burgess (″Think Global, Act Local: The Challenge of Changing Lifestyles”)

Culture-Nature / Society-Space / Local-Global / Development, Post-Development and the Global Political Economy / Survival and Re sistance / Re-thinking Development / Money and Finance / Consumption / Sustainability / Environmental Problems and Management / Modernity and Modernization / A Geohistorical Interpretation of the Modern World / Memory and Heritage / Critical Geopolitics / Citizenship and Governance / Nationalism / Imaginative Geographies / The Body / The City / Europe / Colonialism and Postcolonialism / Migrations and Diasporas / Travel and Tourism / Commodities / The Media / Cyberspace and Cyberculture etc.

″The chapters are short, clearly written, of high quality, with a wealth of excellent visual material to help make key points in a variety of ways and a glossary of key terms at the end.

Written in a clear and easily approachable manner, striking an appropriate balance between explaining concepts and providing examples from past and contemporary geographical research…in a well-structured format. It will prove useful for students wishing to dip into specific areas of geographical research as well as being a comprehensive introductory text for first year undergraduates.
Scottish Geographical Journal ″ (Amazon)

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Cloke, Introducing Human Geographies.