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Stone, Fairy Tales and Ogres :

Stone, Harry.

Fairy Tales and Ogres : Dickens’ Imagination and “David Copperfield”.

Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1964. 8°. 7 Pages (pp. 24-30). Stapled blue wrappers (softcover). Good condition. Some rust marks from staples. “DICKENS” and “Sincere regards, HS” (Harry Stone) written in pen on front cover. Some text markings. [Offprint from: “CRITICISM, a Quarterly for Literature and the Arts, Vol.VI, No.4, 1964.]

The fairytale elements in the structure of David Copperfield, including Betsey Trotwood as fairy godmother and the clothing dealer as ogre.


Stone, Dickens, Fairy Tales and Ogres