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English History in the 18th century

Richard Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy / Plus - John Collier - A Collection of Four Local History Pamphlets on Manchester and its History and A Map of Manchester and Salford by J.Pigot

[Nixon, Robert] / [Lilly, William] / Collier, John / Bobbin, Tom.

Collection of Four Local History Pamphlets on Manchester and its History, a Map of Manchester and Salford and a rare, early 18th century Prophecy-Pamphlet with William Lilly-Connection. The Collection includes as provisional Frontispiece a rare, folded, original “Map of Manchester and Salford” by J.Pigot, from the year 1811 – (36 cm x 32 cm) / The Map if followed by: Pamphlet I: Anonymous – Short Sketch of the History of Manchester (XII Pages – Manchester, Printed by Sowler and Russell, 1794 (and First published in the Encyclopaedia Britannica)/ Pamphlet II: [John Collier] – Curious Remarks on the History of Manchester. With a judicious Incredulity of Spirit, let us enquire and think for ourselves. By “Muscipula” [that is John Collier alias Tim Bobbin]. (IX, 65 pages – London, Printed for, and sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country, 1771 / Pamphlet III: [Anonymously but most likely also John Collier]″More Fruit from the same Pannier; Or, Additional Remarks on the History of Manchester. (IV, 73, VIII pages) / [Bound together with: NIXON’S Cheshire Prohecy At Large. Published from the Lady Cowper’s Correct Copy. With Historical and Political Remarks and several instances wherein it is Fulfilled. To which is added, THE LIFE OF [ROBERT] NIXON. With an advertising for a “William Lilly – Prophecy” on page 19 of the Nixon-Pamphlet: “Mr.Lilly’s remarkable Prophecy, transcrib’d Verbatim out of his Almanack for the Year 1655, printed under the following Title: “Merlini Anglici Ephemeris”: Astrological Predictions for the Year 1655 by William Lilly – Student in Astrology. [Followed by:] The Prophecy. “….Long’ere that Time poor Merlin sleeps In’s Grave secure; sad England weeps”. ([2], 32 pages – London, Printed for J.Roberts, 1719). //

Manchester / London, J.Roberts and others, 1719-1794. Octavo. Original Hardcover / 19th-century half-leather with gilt lettering to spine. Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. Name of preowner on third pamphlet (″Michael North”) / With a manuscript entry by one ‘W.K.’, regarding the “garbled” appearance of the Nixon’s Prophecy in Fielding’s novel, Tom Jones: ‘This was probably the very book which Partridge read out of… This shows Fielding’s attention to minutiae I think – such a jumbled Head as [barber-surgeon] Partridge wd be likely to mix up those part of the Tale Together’. The Cheshire Prophecy in Chapbook-Style with an advertising bound before the titlepage and “Price Six-Pence” on cover.

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[Saunders, Rider's British Merlin: For the Year of our Lord 1799.

[Saunders, Richard] Rider, Cardanus.

Rider’s British Merlin: For the Year of our Lord 1799. Being the Third after Bissextile or Leap-Year. Adorned with many delightful and useful Verities, fitting all Capacities in the Islands of Great Britain’s Monarchy. With notes of Husbandry, Fairs, Marts, High Roads and Tables for many necessary uses. Compiled for the Country’s Benefit by Cardanus Rider. [With: “The Arms of the Peers, Peeresses &c. of England, Scotland & Ireland the Insignia of the Different Orders of Knighthood with the Baronets of Great Britain and the Dates of their Creations” [With: “Heraldry in Miniature” / Including a small section to the end of the publication with “British Governments in America and the West-Indies with Upper Canada – Lower Canada – Cape Breton – Virgin Island – Montserrat – Grenada – Jamaica – Leeward Islands – Barbados [Barbadoes]” etc.]. [ With a section on “Peers, Peeresses and Bishops of Ireland – That are Not Peers of England”].

London, Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1799. Slim-Octavo (9,5 cm x 16 cm). Collation complete with parts of the book interleaved: 60, XXXVI, [122 + 4 misbound planches with coats of arms, pagination incorrect but all plates available that are called for], plus 321 pages [House of Peers of Great Britain with misprinted pagination to the beginning of the 321 pages]. Original Hardcover / 18th century or early 19th century red leather. Stronger rubbed but firm and intact binding. Interior with tear to page 15/16, some minor foxing and browning only, some writing to interleaved pages in a child’s hand. All plates with Heraldic Bearings, Coat of Arms, Emblemata, Badges etc. included. Here the rare 1799 publication with over 500 examples of Heraldry of Ireland, Scotland and England. Includes Irish Earls, Irish Barons, Irish Archbishops, Irish Viscounts, etc. [Coat of Arms of Fingal, Glandore, Lisburne, Winterton, Arran, Barrymore, Marq. Donegall, Clanricarde, Fife, Lowth, Upper Ossory etc. etc.]

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Shaw, The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire.

Shaw, Rev. Stebbing.

The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire. Complete Set of two Volumes (all published/fully restored). With an original Plan of Wolverhampton, A large map of Staffordshire, Engravings of Boscobel House, The Pedigree of Turton, Etchings of Kings Bromley, Pipe Ridware House, Lichfield, Site of Blythbury Priory, Mavesyn Ridware, Cathedral of Lichfield, View of Freeford, etc. etc. Volume I – Containing the Ancient and Modern History of Thirty Parishes in the Hundred of Offlow, arranged Geographically, with an Appendix of the most curious Charters &c. Illustrated with sixty-two copper plates and a copious Index / Volume II – Part1 (all published) – Containing the Prefatory Introduction, commencing with a Series of Original Letters from Plot’s time to the present; General and Natural History &c. Ancient and Modern History of the remaining Parishes in the Hundred of Offlow and the Whole of Seisdon, arranged Geographically with an Appendix of curious Charters and other additions and Corrections &c. Illustrated with fifty copper plates and a copious Index. Compiled from the Manuscripts of Huntbach, Loxdale, Bishop Lyttelton, and other Collections of Dr.Wilkes, the Rev. T.Reilde. Including Erdeswicke’s Survey of the County and the approved parts of Dr. Plot’s Natural History. The whole brought down to the present time. Interspersed with Pedigrees and Anecdotes of Families, Observations on Agriculture, Commerce, Mines and Manufactories and illustrated with a very full and correct new map of the County, “Agri Staffordiensis Icon” and numerous other plates.

London, J.Nichols and Son, 1798-1801. Large-Folio. Volume I: Folded Map of Staffordshire by W.Faden, Portrait of Rev. Shaw (detached), XXIV, (2), 125, XXXVIII, 434, 38 pages / Volume II, Part I: A Plan of Wolverhampton, XXXII, 290, 20 pages. With a double-page plan, a large, folded county map (coloured), 82 engraved plates, numerous vignettes within the text and 3 folded pedigree – tables. Modern Hardcover. Exceptionally restored. This work is difficult to handle if not in a sturdy binding ! Original Edition in professionally rebound halfleather with gilt lettering on spine and extra-strong boards, suited for this heavy set. This masterpiece of underestimated english local history is of great interest because of its fold out maps and numerous large folio etchings.

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Agnes Strickland, Lives of the Queens of England, From the Norman conquest

Strickland, Agnes / [and Elizabeth Strickland].

Lives of the Queens of England, From the Norman conquest. Now first published from official records and other authentic documents, private as well as public. A new edition, revised and greatly augmented, embellished with Portraits of every Queen.

8 Volumes (complete set). London, Colburn & Co., 1851. Octavo. Volume I: Frontispiece-Portrait of Agnes Strickland and engraved titlepage, XXII, 614 pages with 15 illustrations (including Froontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume II: Frontispiece-Portrait of Isabella of Valois, engraved titlepage, VIII, 704 pages with 16 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume III: Frontispiece-Portrait of Jane Seymour, engraved titlepage, [4], 588 pages with 10 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume IV: Frontispiece-Portrait of Queen Elizabeth, engraved titlepage, [4], 790 pages with 4 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume V: Frontispiece-Portrait of Anne of Denmark, engraved titlepage, [4], 703 pages with 8 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume VI: Frontispiece-Portrait of Mary of Modena, engraved titlepage, [2], 672 pages with 5 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume VII: Frontispiece-Portrait of Mary II when Princess of Orange, engraved titlepage, [3], 466 pages with 4 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) / Volume VIII: Frontispiece-Portrait of Queen Anne, engraved titlepage, [2], 556 pages with 3 illustrations (including Frontispiece and Vignette on Title) // Original, very decorative half-leather bindings with gilt lettering and ornaments on spines, marbled-paper-covered-boards and marbled edges. Excellent, firm condition with only minor signs of wear. The set comes frm the private library of Major General Cosmo Alexander Richard Nevill, with his armorial bookplate / Ex Libris to the pastedown of each Volume, bearing his family-motto: “Ne Vile Velis” [″Wish for nothing Vile”].

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