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English History – Rare

Sammelband with important original Works by Vincent Dowling and other writers

[Dowling, Vincent] / Anonymous / Gower, Roger / [Callaghan, Daniel – Esq. of Lotabeg (Provenance – Bookplate)].

Sammelband with important original Works by Vincent Dowling and other writers / Satirical Tracts, Satirical Pamphlets and Satirical Periodicals of 18th century Ireland. A stunning and very rare Collection from the Library of Daniel Callaghan, Esq. of Lotabeg, MP for Cork. The Volume includes: I. [Anti-English Satirical Periodical by Vincent Dowling – 25 (of 34) Issues of one of the most important satirical periodical of 18th century Ireland, called “Collection of Proceedings and Debates of the Parliament of Pimlico – In the Last Session of the Eighteenth Century. [Dublin], Published by the Executors of Judith Freel and sold by all Flying Stationers” [see detailed Bibliography and Pagination below], [1799-1800]/ II. Continuation of the Periodical happened under the Title “The Olio or Anything-arian Miscellany”, of which issues No.I – No. V are bound after (The titlepage of No. I of the “Olio” states: “Debates in the Pimlico Parliament (Continued from No.XXVIII)” [which means these five issues bring the tota l of the periodical to 30 (of 34)] / III. S.P.Bluddengutz (Pseudonym) / Anonymous: “The Vaticination – As you will find it written in the 110th No. of Pue’s Occurences, Redivivus ! – The Fifth Year of the Incorporation” – Dublin, Printed by Fitzpatrick, 1799. 16 pages / IV. [Lord Camden] – “Considerations on the Situation to which Ireland is Reduced by the Government of Lord Camden” – The Sixth Edition, Improved and Corrected. To which is added a copy of the STATE PAPER !!! – Dublin, Printed in t he Year 1798 – 34 pages / V. Roger Gower / Anonymous – “Hosier’s Hall” [an address to Lord Cornwallis, by the Corporation of Hosiers of Dublin, with his reply, and an attack on it by Roger Gower, clerk of the Corporation] – Dublin, 1798 – 14, [1] pages. [with printed NOTE at the end of this pamphlet stating:″The foregoing Notice should have appeared sooner, but Faulkner’s Journal refused to receive it” //

[Dublin], Flying Stationers [Dowling] / M.Fitzpatrick / 1799 – 1800. Quarto. Pagination: “Parliament of Pimilico”: 100 pages / “Olio”: 40 pages / “Vaticination”: 16 pages / “Considerations”: 34 pages / “Hosier’s Hall”: 14, [1] pages. Private half – leather with gilt lettering on spine. Wonderful binding with marbled papaer-covered pastedowns and endpapers. The armorial bookplate of Daniel Callaghan, Esquire of Lotabeg (County Cork) to the pastedown with his Motto: “Fidus et Audax” / Endpapers and first four pages with minor wormhole-damage. The Volume overall in excellent condition !

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