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Daniel Conner Library (Connerville / Manch House / Bandon)

Raleigh, Sammelband of Writings by Sir Walter Raleigh: Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh : Maxims of State

24. Raleigh, Sir Walter.

Sammelband of Writings by Sir Walter Raleigh: Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh : Maxims of State – Advice to his Son : His Son’s Advice to his Father. His Sceptick. Observations concerning the Causes of the Magnificiency and Opulency of Cities. [Separate Titlepage: Sir Walter Raleigh’s Observations touching Trade and Commerce with the Hollander and other Nations; proving that our Sea and Land Commodities inrich and strengthen other Countries against our own. With other Passages of High Concernment – London, Printed for Henry Mortlock at the Phoenix, 1702]. His Letters to divers Persons of Quality. [Separate Titlepage: The Prerogative of Parliaments in England, proved in a Dialogue between a Counsellor of State and a Justice of Peace. London, Printed for Henry Mortlock at the Phoenix, 1702]. With the Addition of some Letters never Printed before.

First Edition. London, Printed for W.Mears, F.Clay and D.Browne, without Temple-Bar, 1702-1726. 9 cm x 16 cm. Frontispiece, [3], 342 pages. Hardcover / Modern half-leather with gilt lettering on spine and paper-covered boards. Restored and recently bound to contemporary, early 18th-century-style by an english masterbinder. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The Frontispiece restored and draped to modern paper. Interior clean and in excellent condition. Extremely scarce publication from the library of Daniel Conner (Connerville / Manch House), even though there is no sign of it like a bookplate etc.

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Shuckford, The Sacred and Profane History of the World connected

45. Shuckford, Samuel.

The Sacred and Profane History of the World connected, Frome the Creation of the World to the Dissolution of the Assyrian Empire at the Death of Sardanapalus, and to the Declension of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, under the Reigns of Ahaz and Pekah. [Together with: “The Creation and Fall of Man” – “A Supplemental Discourse to the Preface of the First Volume of the Sacred and Prophane History of the World connected”].

The Third Edition. 3 Volumes (of 4). London, Printed for J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper in the Strand, 1753. Octavo. LXIV,366, [10], LV, 461, [10], CXXXII, 295, [16] pages. Each Volume with its own Index. Includes two folded maps in Volume One: First Map: “A Plan of the present Chanels [sic] of the Rivers Hiddekel or Tigris and Euphrates exhibiting the Site of Moses Garden and River of Eden” / Second Map: “The Situation of the Land & Garden of Eden together with the Rivers of Paradise as they are imagined to have been Situate by some Writers who thought that the Garden of Eden was planted in that which was afterwards called the Holy Land”. Original Hardcover / 18th century full leather with new spinelabels. All three Volumes are now in protective Mylar. with dustjacket. All Volumes with some damage to spine but all still firm and holding. Overall some faint staining and foxing only at very few locations because of the excellent paper-quality of this publication. From the library of Daniel Conner (Connerville / Manch House), with his Exlibris / Bookplate to pastedown.

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Steuart, An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy

8. Steuart, Sir James.

An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy: Being an Essay on the Science of Domestic Policy in Free Nations. In which are particularly considered Population, Agriculture, Trade, Industry, Money, Coin, Interest, Circulation, Banks, Exchange, Public Credit and Taxes.

First Edition. Two Volumes (complete set). London, Printed for A. Millar and T. Cadell, in the Strand, 1767. Quarto (24.5 cm x 30cm). Collation complete: Volume I: Title, XV, Errata, 12 unnumbered pages, 639 pages plus “A Table of Coins” to the rear of Volume I / Volume II: Title, 14 unnumbered pages, 646 pages plus “A Table of Coins – shewing the Quantity of Fine Metal contained in them” to the rear of Volume II, followed by 12 unnumbered pages of Index and another Errata-leaf. Recent Hardcover / Stunning half-leather Quarto Volumes in Collector’s Condition, tight and square, and beautifully bound by two english masterbinders with marbled-paper-covered-boards, using the original spinelabels of the former 18th century-bindings. Bookplates to pastedowns. While the true first edition of Adam Smith’s “Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” always seems to be somehow available on the international market, the Magnus Opus of Smith’s precursor, Sir James Steuart, is not only extremely scarce, but also very hard to find at all. While we are here describing the very few minor faults in detail because this is an extremely valuable item, it must be stressed that the bindings are mint and the bookblocks of the set are in very good+ or rather in near Fine condition ! This first edition-set is not only wide-margined but also on excellent paper with very minor signs of foxing to the Table of Coins and Index. Some signs of mild foxing and the tiniest of wormhole-damage of 2-3 mm to the inner margins of the content-pages of Volume I. Besides some annotations and markings in erasable pencil, the text is clean and in fantastic condition. Very minor signs of a faded dampstain to very few pages (visible but unimportant). One of the rarest classics of economic history by “the founder of economic science” (Encyclopædia of the Social Sciences). This set belongs in every serious Economics Collector’s cabinet, next to every first-edition-set of Adam Smith’s work. From the library of Daniel Conner (Connerville / Manch House), with his Exlibris / Bookplate to pastedown.

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