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Catalogue No.9 – Medicine (105 items)

Aristotle. The Works of Aristotle, The Famous Philosopher, containing I. His Com

6. Aristotle. [Anon].

The Works of Aristotle, The Famous Philosopher, containing I. His Complete Masterpiece, II. His Experienced Midwife, III. His Book of Problems, IV. His Remarks on Physiognomy, V. The Family Physician. New and improved edition.

London, The Booksellers, no date (c.1890). 9 x 13cm. 528 pages, with text illustrations and colour plates. Original illustrated hardcover with gilt lettering on spine. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear, some creasing to spine. Historical Sex-Manual, disguised as works of Aristotle. Discusses Virginity (and what it is), How Virginity may be lost, How a woman should order herself in order to conception, [″A woman that would conceive should observe that she does not use the act of coition too often; for gatiety gluts the womb and renders it unfit for office (!) – There are two things that demonstrate this: i.e., that common whores (who often use copulation) have never, or rarely, any children: for the grass seldom grows in a path that is commonly trodden in. The other is, that women, whose husbands have been long absent, do, after copulation with them again, conceive very quickly” / “Women ought to take great care that their imagination be pure and dear, that their child may be well formed”]. The book also discusses causes and cure of Barrenenss, Of the Hot Distempers of the Womb, The Diseases of the Womb, Palmistry, shewing the various judgments drawn from the hand, includes a choice of remedies for the several distempers to the human body, (Crabs, Herpes, Hysteria etc.).

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[Behring, Collection of nine important Emil von Behring - offprints from the Exile-library of Prof. Dr. Hans Sachs

8. [Behring, Emil von / Sachs, Hans].

Collection of nine important Emil von Behring – offprints from the Exile-library of Prof. Dr. Hans Sachs, german serologist who had to flee Nazi-germany and died in his Dublin exile in 1945. The collection also includes the original offprint of an obituary for Emil von Behring, published by Hans Sachs in the “Frankfurter Zeitung” in 1917. The rare Offprint by Paul H. Römer (with epilogue by Emil von Behring), is inscribed to Dr.Hans Sachs. The offprints included in this collection are (in order of their publication): 1. Emil von Behring und F(ranz) Nissen – Ueber bacterienfeindliche Eigenschaften verschiedener Blutserumarten – Ein Beitrag zur Immunitätsfrage (1890) / 2. Emil von Behring und (Erich) Wernicke – Ueber Immunisierung und Heilung von Versuchsthieren bei der Diphterie (1892) / 3. Emil von Behring – Über Heilprinzipien, insbesondere über das ätiologische und das isopathische Heilprinzip (1898) / 4. Emil von Behring – Tuberkulosebekämpfung – Vortrag gehalten auf der Versammlung von Naturforschern und Ärzten am 25. September 1903 in Kassel – [Mit Besitzer-Stempel von Dr.Hans Sachs auf Titelbroschur und Titelblatt / With ownership-stamp of Dr. Hans Sachs on cover and titlepage] / 5. Paul H. Römer (Nebst einem Nachwort von Emil von Behring) – Ueber die Einwirkung des galvanischen Stroms auf Tetanus-Gift, Tetanus-Antitoxin und Toxin-Antitoxin-Gemische – [Mit handschriftlicher Widmung von Paul Römer “Herrn Dr.Sachs sehr ergebenst – v. V.” [vom Verfasser] / Inscribed by Paul Römer to Dr.Hans Sachs] – [Paul Heinrich Römer, from Kirchhain (near Marburg, Germany), was an important colleague of Behring and Sachs. Subsequently, Römer’s experimental studies on Polio led to Jonas Edward Salk’s and Albert Bruce Sabin’s development of a Polio-vaccine. According to Rudolf Siegert [specialist for the History of the ‘Marburg-Virus’], Paul Heinrich Römer, who died at the early age of 40 in World War One, should have been credited with discovery of the Polio remedy / 6. Emil von Behring – Indikationen für die serumtherapeutische Tetanusbekämpfung (1914) / 7. Emil von Behring und Richard Hagemann – Ueber das Diphterieschutzmittel “TA” (Mit 1 Tafel) und Emil von Behring – Aufgaben und Leistungen meines neuen Diphterieschutzmittels und Richard Hagemann – Ueber von Behring’s neues Diphterieschutzmittel (1914) / 8. Emil von Behring – Experimentelle Analyse und Theorie der anaphylaktischen und apotoxischen Vergiftung (1914) / 9. Emil von Behring (Marburg) – Indikationen und Kontra-Indikationen fuer das neue Diphterieschutzmittel “TA” (1914) / 10. Hans Sachs (Frankfurt) – Nachruf / Obituary – Emil von Behring (Sonderabdruck aus der Frankfurter Zeitung – Erstes Morgenblatt vom 4.April 1917)//

Wiesbaden / Leipzig / Berlin / Marburg , Thieme / Elwert / u.a., 1890 – 1914. Octavo. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear / The earliest offprint by Behring and Nissen, with a faded dampstain to lower margins / Otherwise with some minor fraying to some of the offprints only. Rare, important collection and very interesting association between Emil von Behring, the first Nobel Laureate of Medicine and Dr.Hans Sachs, jewish serologist and pioneer in efficient diagnosis of syphilis and one of the sad examples of the purge of scientists by Hitler’s regime in 1930s germany. / The collection also comes with several important works of Reference including: 1. A copy of Derek S. Linton’s stunning work: “Emil von Behring – Infectious Disease, Immunology, Serum Therapy” – [Philadelphia, 2005] / 2. also part of the collection is Arthur M. Silverstein’s work on “A History of Immunology” – [San Diego, 1992] see images of this collection !

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