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Vere Foster,

Foster, Vere [Henry Louis / Lewis] / [Emily Albinia “Alba” Foster] / [Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire].

Amazing Vere Foster-Collection including Educational Materials and as a centerpiece the “Presentation Copy of “The Two Duchesses” with Autograph / Manuscript – Letter by Vere Foster to his niece, Emily Albinia “Alba” Foster. With a stunning, unpublished, two-page-letter, revealing several important details about the immediately favorable reviews and reception of the book [″in the Daily Telegraph”] and Vere Foster’s disdain about some criticism from one J.Donohue [which led to an alteration in the second edition of the book]. Vere Foster is also expecting a review to appear in the “Athenaeum” but reports “the Athenaeum has nothing yet”. Vere Foster apologizes to his niece for the delay in sending the book and explains that he had left 12 “parcels″£ with Blackie’s agent and gave instructions to send them but a few days later found they had been “untouched”. / The Two Duchesses – Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire – Family Correspondence of and Relating to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire, Earl of Bristol (Bishop of Derby), The Countess of Bristol, Lord and Lady Byron, The Earl of Aberdeen, Sir Augustus Foster Bart, and Others, 1777-1859. [See Full list of items which are part of this collection, on our website under the topic “Libraries & Collections”].

First Edition. London / Glasgow and Dublin, Blackie & Son Limited, 1898. Octavo (15 cm x 22 cm). Pagination: Frontispiece, IX, [3], 497 pages with 18 Illustrations (including frontispiece and one Vignette of the two Duchesses opposite page 1). Hardcover / Original, publisher’s green cloth with gilt lettering on spine. Very good condition with some minor signs of wear only. This is an astonishing find for the Vere Foster Research Community and the letter gives significant insight into the importance the publication had for him, its reception as seen by Vere Foster and it solves the riddle why an altertaion was necessary for the second edition [which Vere Foster explains in a brief note to the reader at the beginning of the second edition]. The heartfelt inscription to his niece Albinia Foster is also of great importance and to our knowledge the only presentation-copy of this book on the international market for the several decades we can look back at auction records.

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Small Collection / Small Archive of two very rich and personal, handwritten & signed letters on cards by Sendak, together with a wonderful collection of fourteen (14) loose gicleé prints

Sendak, Maurice (1928 – 2012).

Collection / Archive of two very rich and personal, handwritten & signed letters on cards by Sendak, plus a rare, multi-folded, advertising-leporello of Maurice Sendak’s publications, together with a wonderful collection of fourteen (14) loose gicleé prints of original drawings by Maurice Sendak in colour or black and white: ‘A Kiss for Little Bear’ x 2 (26.5 cm x 34.5 cm) / ‘Zlateh the Goat’ x 2 (24 cm x 30 cm and 37.5 cm x 30 cm) / ‘Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present’ x 1 (33.4 cm x 41.5 cm) / Lullabies and Night Songs’ x 2 (35 cm x 26.5 cm and 44.5 cm x 33.5 cm) / ‘Hector Protector’ x 1 (46 cm x 26 cm) / ‘In the Night Kitchen’ x 4 (50 cm x 36 cm) / Higglety Pigglety Pop x 2 (28 cm x 35.5 cm). The two cards are addressed to “Minnie” [that is “Minnie Kate”] and were written at Christmas 1986 and Christmas 1987. According to a colleague in the trade, who helped us to identify the recipient “Minnie”, Minnie Kate, together with her mother, maintained a long friendship with Maurice Sendak by sending him colored stones or rocks that they sourced from local beaches in the northwest of the United States (Washington Statel). Most of Maurice Sendak’s correspondence with Minnie Kate and her mother, is preserved at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia. Both cards are similar in content. One of the cards featuring Sendak’s art from the cover of Nutcracker and addressed to Minnie, reading in part “I worked all year on a picture-book – a Grimm tale (my first book in 8 years !!). I am in love with it and it gets published next year….my wild things celebrate their 25th anniversary. I hope i enjoy it all. Am hoping for a quiet year ahead illustrating a Grimm tale and staying put – I am tired of travelling and theatre projects. And look forward to creeping back into my old role as book illustrator” / “The rocks arrived while I was away working in England. They are wonderful, of course, and very much appreciated. Thank you again and again. My animals. I have but one. My darling Golden Retriever, Io, had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago. She was 15 1/2 and I held her and stayed with her to the end. It is so sad, naturally, but the memory fills me with a kind of joy. I have a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd named Runge after a German painter (19th century). It was anything but a lazy year – too full! This coming year will be lazy-ish”.

Letters: 4 pages on two cards / Gicleé prints: 15 sheets (unsigned). [New York], 1986 – 1987. Very good condition.

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