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Collection of 40 books / publications on Fly Fishing, General Angling [Sharks, Trout, Salmon etc.] plus one vintage metal box with antique / vintage Flies, professionally tied in early 20th century Ir

32. Houghton, Rev. William / Bowden-Smith, Richard / Prosek, James [Walton, Isaac]/ Brooks, Joe and many others.

Collection of 40 books / publications on Fly Fishing, General Angling [Sharks, Trout, Salmon etc.] plus one vintage metal box with 85 (!) antique / vintage Flies (Salmon-Flies / Trout-Flies), professionally tied in early 20th century Ireland (West Cork, c.1920-1940). Published between the years 1851 and 1999, the excellent collection includes for example William Houghton’s 1879-edition of British Fresh-Water Fishes with all the chromolithographs, the very rare, first ever publication on Salt-Water-Flyfishing, with hand-coloured plates on Connemara Fly Fishing from 1851 with Flyfishing and Angling in America / Nova Scotia / Connemara – Fly-Fishing at Lough Ina, near Clifden, in Bertraghboy Bay, at the Skyard Rocks, at Deer Island and off the Isle of Mweenish and the Isle of Arran etc.

London and other places of print, Harper Collins / William Mackenzie / John Van Voorst and others, 1851-1999. Octavo. More than 3000 pages with many illustrations for the Beginner as well as the Advanced Angler. Original Hardcover and Softcover publications, often with the rare illustrated dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Many of the publications with some signs of wear but overall, and especially the collector’s items in excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. The historical publications are true gems for the collector and this collection would be the perfect foundation for a meaningful Fly-Fishing-Library. This collection is the perfect gift for the Fly-Fisher. [Please ask for a full list with details and photographs of the books included in this collection]. The price includes an upgrade to worldwide free shipping of the collection per DHL Express Courier.

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William Lilly, Christian Astrology [Bound before:] An Easie and plain Method - Teaching How to judge upon Nativities.

34. Lilly, William.

Christian Astrology [Bound before:] An Easie and plain Method – Teaching How to judge upon Nativities. The Rectification of a Nativitie by Trutine of Hermes, Animodar or by Accidents. A Brief Way of Judgement, declaring those generall Accidents which in a natural course depend upon the signification of the 12 Houses of Heaven. The effects of Directions, Revolutions, Profections and Transits; the exact Measure of Time in Directions. By William Lilly, Student in Astrology” – “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis”. [Includes several sections on Women in relation to Astrology and Prophecies like for example: “″If ones Lover or wife hath a Sweet-Heart besides himself” (page 316) / “Hath she a Lover” (page 316) / “Of a Woman flying [fleeing] from her husband” (page 330) / “Of Death, Dowry, Substance of the Wife &c.” (page 404) / etc.].

Original Edition (NOT a Reprint). Two works in one Volume. London, [John Macock], 1658 / [1659]. Octavo (14,5 cm x 19 cm). Pagination: Portrait and Titlepage missing, 18 unnumbered pages “To The Reader” / “The Contents”, [1] page “To the Student in Astrology” by William Lilly / [16] unnumbered pages of “Lunar Aspects” and “Tables of Houses”, pages 25 – 832 pages plus a manuscript Index and some very few manuscript annotations in ink. [The publication on Nativities has its own titlepage on page 487 of the book]. Hardcover / Ugly, Private 20th-century binding. Poor condition, Portrait and titlepage and maybe some more pages of the Introduction missing, beginning and end of the book with frail, some detached pages with some strong fraying. Page 703 with tear. Still a very, very rare book with some amazing historical astrology and related history like “Table of Longitudes and Latitudes of certain Cities and great Towns in England” (mentioning also “Dublin in Ireland” and “Edinborough in Scotland”. The privately affixed Index condensed some secret knowledge important to the preowner of this book: “Colours of the Planets”, “Combustion”, “Face of a Planet”, “Names of Planets and Signs”, and it also mentions a case in which a “Thief to be judged of by the peregrine Planet” etc. From the 18th-century-library of one “Joseph Clark”, with his name in ink verso the titlepage of the “Nativities”: “Joseph Clark – his Book – 1765”.

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Thomas Mann, Collection of important publications by Thomas Mann in the swedish language

35. Mann, Thomas / [Provenance: Falk Simon (Collector)].

Collection of nine (9) important publications by Thomas Mann in the swedish language. All editions in this collection are Translations from german into the swedish language, done by eminent swedish poets, writers and translators like Anders Oesterling (Österling), Anna Lamberg Wahlin and Walborg Hedberg. The collection has been beautifully rebound for swedish Bibliophile and Collector of antique Silver, “Falk Simon”, and most of the original wrappers and artwork to wrappers, has been preserved. The Exlibris of “Falk Simon” is to be found in each Volume (except “Buddenbrooks”, which has only one Exlibris) / Included are: 1. “Lille Herr Friedemann” – Stockholm, Billows, 1929. Översättning av J.G.S. / 2. “Huset Buddenbrook” – Historien om en Familjs Förfall I-II. Första Delen & Andra Delen. (Bonniers, 1937) – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg. / 3. “Underbarnet” – Översättning fran Tyskan av Karin Allardt (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1920) [Includes: Underbarnet / Tunga Timmar / Hos Profeten / En skimrande episod / Huru Jappe och Do Escobar pryglade upp varandra / Besvikelse / Tobias Mindernickel] / 4. Tonio Kröger – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg (Stockholm, Wahlstroem & Widstrand, 1922) / 5. Hans Kunglig Höghet – Översättning av Walborg Hedberg (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1910) – Name of preowner “Alfhild Söderlund – 1911” on titlepage / 6. Ockulta Upplevelser – Översättning av Anna Lamberg Wahlin / 7. Mario och Trollkarlen – Tre Noveller av Thomas Mann – Till Svenska af Anna Lamberg Wahlin (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1930) / 8. Lotte i Weimar – Roman – Översättning av Nils Holmberg (Stockholm, Bonniers, 1946) / 9. De Ombytta Huvudena – En Indisk Legend – Översättning av Anders Österling /

Stockholm,, Bonniers and others, 1910 – 1946. Octavo. More than 1800 pages. Hardcover / Decorative half leather with marbled-paper-covered-boards. With Exlibris of Falk Simon. Overall in excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. Rare set !

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Mathers, The Eastern Anthology- Anthology of Eastern Love.

37. Mathers, E. Powys.

The Eastern Anthology – Anthology of Eastern Love. Eastern Love: Volumes I & II & III: The Lessons of a Bawd and Harlot’s Breviary. English Versions of the Kuttanimatam of Damodaragupta and Samayamatrika of Kshemendra. Volume I: The Lessons of a Bawd of Damodaragupta. Volume II: The Harlot’s Breviary of Kshemendra. Volume III: The Book of Women and The Education of Wives.

3 Volumes in one (complete set). London, John Rodker For Subscribers, 1927. 15.2 cm x 23.5 cm. Pagination: Vol I: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 92 pages / Vol II: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 100 pages / Vol III: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 152 pages. Hardcover / Beautiful, actually stunning, private full morocco in Art Deco – Style (see images), Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Deckled edges. Top edge gilt. Gilt on spine and red leather hardcover. Minor discolouration and staining to front and rear pastedown enpapers and endpapers. This edition of the Kuttanimatam of Damodaragupta, the Samayamatrika of Kshemendra, the Zenan-Nameh of Fazil-Bey, and Ta’Dib Ul-Nisvan, being Volume I, II and III of the “Eastern Art of Love”, are here translated into English for the first time, by E. Powys Mathers. This edition of 1,000 copies on all rag paper was printed by Messrs. Molyneux, 3 & 4, New Street Hill, London. The copper plate engravings are by Hester Sainsbury and have been printed and hand coloured by Messrs. A. Alexander and Sons, Ltd. This copy is No. 695.

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Richard Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy / Plus - John Collier - A Collection of Four Local History Pamphlets on Manchester and its History and A Map of Manchester and Salford by J.Pigot

40. [Nixon, Robert] / [Lilly, William] / Collier, John / Bobbin, Tom.

Collection of Four Local History Pamphlets on Manchester and its History, a Map of Manchester and Salford and a rare, early 18th century Prophecy-Pamphlet with William Lilly-Connection. The Collection includes as provisional Frontispiece a rare, folded, original “Map of Manchester and Salford” by J.Pigot, from the year 1811 – (36 cm x 32 cm) / The Map if followed by: Pamphlet I: Anonymous – Short Sketch of the History of Manchester (XII Pages – Manchester, Printed by Sowler and Russell, 1794 (and First published in the Encyclopaedia Britannica)/ Pamphlet II: [John Collier] – Curious Remarks on the History of Manchester. With a judicious Incredulity of Spirit, let us enquire and think for ourselves. By “Muscipula” [that is John Collier alias Tim Bobbin]. (IX, 65 pages – London, Printed for, and sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country, 1771 / Pamphlet III: [Anonymously but most likely also John Collier]″More Fruit from the same Pannier; Or, Additional Remarks on the History of Manchester. (IV, 73, VIII pages) / [Bound together with: NIXON’S Cheshire Prohecy At Large. Published from the Lady Cowper’s Correct Copy. With Historical and Political Remarks and several instances wherein it is Fulfilled. To which is added, THE LIFE OF [ROBERT] NIXON. With an advertising for a “William Lilly – Prophecy” on page 19 of the Nixon-Pamphlet: “Mr.Lilly’s remarkable Prophecy, transcrib’d Verbatim out of his Almanack for the Year 1655, printed under the following Title: “Merlini Anglici Ephemeris”: Astrological Predictions for the Year 1655 by William Lilly – Student in Astrology. [Followed by:] The Prophecy. “….Long’ere that Time poor Merlin sleeps In’s Grave secure; sad England weeps”. ([2], 32 pages – London, Printed for J.Roberts, 1719). //

Manchester / London, J.Roberts and others, 1719-1794. Octavo. Original Hardcover / 19th-century half-leather with gilt lettering to spine. Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. Name of preowner on third pamphlet (″Michael North”) / With a manuscript entry by one ‘W.K.’, regarding the “garbled” appearance of the Nixon’s Prophecy in Fielding’s novel, Tom Jones: ‘This was probably the very book which Partridge read out of… This shows Fielding’s attention to minutiae I think – such a jumbled Head as [barber-surgeon] Partridge wd be likely to mix up those part of the Tale Together’. The Cheshire Prophecy in Chapbook-Style with an advertising bound before the titlepage and “Price Six-Pence” on cover.

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