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Canadian History

[Colburn, The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine.

[Colburn, Henry] Napier, Charles and others

The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine. 1833 Part I and Part II. [Including the essay: “On the Invasion and Defence of Ireland”/ The Volumes include for example further essays on: Ireland and the British Army / Naval Operations on the Potomac / Artillery Practice at the Siege of the Citadel of Antwerp / History of the Coldstream Guards / Cavalry Warfare / The Jamaica Station / Siege of Badajoz in 1812 / Military Organization of Belgium / Record of the Services of the twenty-third Regiment / Plan for the suppression of Piracy / The Indian Army / Observations on the Construction and Qualities of the Vernon and Castor and on Naval Architecture in General by Capt.Charles Napier / Remark on the Defence and Invasion of Ireland / On the Defective Discipline of the Merchant Service with Hints for Amending it / Colonies – Their Influence on Maritime and Military Ascendancy / The Crisis of Turkey / Royal Naval School / On the Overland Invasion of India / Reply to Major Gawler on his “Crisis of Waterloo” by Sir Hussey Vivian / Debate on Sir Thomas Troubridge / Memoir on the Defence of Canada in 1833 (with a Map) / Narrative of Captain Ross’s First Voyage of Discovery / Military Establishments of Germany / The Port of Hastings / The Jamaica Station / Jersey, as a Residence for Officers on the half-pay of the Army and the Navy / Military Equipments: Waterproof Cartridges – Sapata – Self-fixing Bayonets / James Toggle – A Tar of the Old School etc. etc.

First Edition. Two Volumes (complete set for the year 1833). London, Published for Henry Colburn, 1833. Octavo. Pagination: Volume I: IV, 596 pages with Index and Diagrams and the large folding map: “Plan of Attack on the Citadel of Antwerp from 29 November to 23 December, 1832, with handcoloured portraits of Marshal Gerard, Baron Chasse and a “View of Scheldt” from Fort Bathz to Antwerp, showing Fort Lille, Fort Bathz, Fort Liefkenshoek, Fort Phileppe, Fort Maria, Plan of City of Antwerp and an excellent birdseye-view of the Antwerp Citadel. / Volume II: IV, 580 pages with Index and Diagrams, illustrations within the text (Capture of the Diamond Rock / Ascent of the Peter Botte Mountain with Lloyd, Phillpotts, Taylor and Keppel showing on ascent and resting in the wall / Depiction and explanation of a Boomerang / Boomarang by Henry Wilkinson !), Folded Plan of “Waterloo Crisis from 7 to half past 8 o’clock and close to the action”/ with the large, folded, handcoloured “Sketch of Part of Upper and Lower Canada with reference to the proposed Military Districts”. Hardcover / Original, publisher’s half leather with gilt lettering and ornament to spine. Both Volumes with only very minor signs of foxing – interior very bright and clean with the map/plan in excellent condition. Pages 3 to 5 and 537 to 540 with some defects. Otherwise in excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. From the library of Edward Westby, Esq. with his armorial bookplate / exlibris to the pastedown of both Volumes.

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Montgomery Martin, The British Colonies; Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources

19. Martin, Robert Montgomery.

The British Colonies; Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources. 6 Volumes bound in 3 Volumes (Text only without maps and illustrations). The Set includes: Volume I – British North America / Volume II – Australia / Volume III – New Zealand, Tasmania / Volume IV – Africa and the West Indies / Volume V – British India / Volume VI – Ceylon, East India and Meditteranean Settlements /

First Edition. London and New York, The London Printing and Publishing Company [that was J. and F. Tallis], no year (c. 1850). Quarto (20 cm x 27 cm). Volume I (British North America [Canada / USA]): Frontispice illustrated titlepage, XXIV, 360 pages with pages 1 – 9 missing / Volume II (Australia): pages 361 – 744 pages / Volume III (New Zealand / Tasmania): II, 384 pages. / Volume IV (Africa and the West Indies): II, 188 pages / Volume V (British India): II, 564 pages with pages 455 – 456 missing / Volume VI (Ceylon, East India and Mediterranean Settlements): II, 172 pages. Hardcover / Original, decorative publisher’s halfleather with gilt lettering and ornament to spines. Bindings rubbed but overall in firm and very good condition with only minor signs of wear. All maps and illustrations besides one illustration removed by a previous owner. In the course of removal of maps and illustrations, one page slightly torn and 11 pages of text missing. This is still one of the most important text-sources of British Colonial History, itsevaluation in Britain and a plethora of data on economical and political impact the Colonies had for the former Empire. No other contemporary 19th century publication includes details on colonial produce, movement of population and local History from Tasmania to Quebec, from Hong Kong to Heligoland (Helgoland), and in general on the depition of “England, the ‘Nursing Mother’ of Nations” (Introductory page XXIV by Montgomery Martin).

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