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Aristotle. The Works of Aristotle, The Famous Philosopher, containing I. His Com

Aristotle. [Anon].

The Works of Aristotle, The Famous Philosopher, containing I. His Complete Masterpiece, II. His Experienced Midwife, III. His Book of Problems, IV. His Remarks on Physiognomy, V. The Family Physician. New and improved edition.

London, The Booksellers, no date (c.1890). 9 x 13cm. 528 pages, with text illustrations and colour plates. Original illustrated hardcover with gilt lettering on spine. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear, some creasing to spine. Historical Sex-Manual, disguised as works of Aristotle. Discusses Virginity (and what it is), How Virginity may be lost, How a woman should order herself in order to conception, [″A woman that would conceive should observe that she does not use the act of coition too often; for gatiety gluts the womb and renders it unfit for office (!) – There are two things that demonstrate this: i.e., that common whores (who often use copulation) have never, or rarely, any children: for the grass seldom grows in a path that is commonly trodden in. The other is, that women, whose husbands have been long absent, do, after copulation with them again, conceive very quickly” / “Women ought to take great care that their imagination be pure and dear, that their child may be well formed”]. The book also discusses causes and cure of Barrenenss, Of the Hot Distempers of the Womb, The Diseases of the Womb, Palmistry, shewing the various judgments drawn from the hand, includes a choice of remedies for the several distempers to the human body, (Crabs, Herpes, Hysteria etc.).

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Louis Cobbett - Two Manuscript Books of Laboratory Notes by student of bacteriology and later publisher of

[Cobbett, Louis] [mentioned are: Behring, Emil von / Koch, Robert / Metchnikoff, Ilya (Élie) / Dönitz, Friedrich Karl Wilhelm / Ehrlich, Paul / Shield, Marmaduke and others]

Two Manuscript Books of Laboratory Notes by student of bacteriology and later publisher of “The Causes of Tuberculosis”, Louis Cobbett (1863 – 1947), dealing in these lab notes with the discovery of remedies for Tuberculosis and Diphtheria. Original, two-volume Manuscript-Compendium of research-notes regarding all the important discoveries in Bacteriology (Diphtheria and Tuberculosis) by contemporaries of Louis Cobbett during the years 1885 – 1908 (Behring, Koch, Metchnikoff etc.). The notes were started by Louis Cobbett in 1885, after graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge and while he was working towards his degree in 1899. The stunning documents are not only reading like a first-hand-journal of discoveries, citing and reflecting on all the important developments and medical advancements of the outgoing 19th and beginning 20th century, but these notes were written parallel to Robert Koch, Emil von Behring and others making their breakthrough discoveries for mankind’s desperately needed cures against Tuberculosis and Diphtheria. Cobbett reflects on the publications in the “Zeitschrift fuer Hygiene” and separately published books and articles. Louis Cobbett lists all the important and also the critical publications leading up to (for example) Koch’s discovery of Tuberculin (e.g.: Beck – “Ueber die diagnostische Bedeutung des Kochschen Tuberculins”), he mentions Emil von Behring, Paul Ehrlich’s “Ueber die Constitution des Diphteriegiftes”, he cites A.Jeffery Turner’s “Statistics on the Diphtheria mortality of the 3 principal Australian Colonies for the past 15 years” (published in 1899), he writes about Tuberculin production in fowl, he reflects on A.Calmette and G. Guerin, “supporting [Emil von] Behring in his contention that pulmonary tuberculosis is of intestinal origin”. Other mentions are “TB of human origin (from a cervical gland)”, he speculates on the publication by Fiebiger and Jensen regarding the transmission of tuberculosis from human to animal, he offers drawings of cultures with Rabbit emulsions, Bovine Characters, Avian cultural characters etc. A few lectures are referred to, including one by Sims Woodhead, a colleague of Louis Cobbett and no doubt attended by Cobbett himself; one newspaper report has been pasted in: ‘Important conference’ in Leeds, from Yorkshire Post 1899 / Louis Cobbett intensely elaborates on Kossel and his report on the english Tuberculosis – Commission in 1908 (H. Kossel – Die Tuberkulosefrage und die Arbeiten der englischen Tuberkulosekommission).

[Cambridge], c. 1885 – 1908. Octavo (17 cm x 21 cm). 90 blank leaves with manuscript entries in each volume, usually written on rectos only. Hardcover / Original half leather with dark blue cloth-covered boards bearing paper-labels to covers, detailing some of the sources cited within; marbled endpapers and edges. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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